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Review:Slide says:
Aha. Manly talks time. James could do with one, he spends most of his time with Freddie dealing with Freddie's issues or with a girl present. Ha, James Potter NEVER rings first. It's good to see James talking with a mate, and one who's going to be blunt in that way what men are with him. This ISN'T an average relationship of his, and everyone else has been so busy fussing over that she's a Muggle that they've not REALLY addressed that it IS becoming more serious. Good on Teddy. Okay, now he is bringing it up, but certainly PROPERLY, in way to make James think (instead of berating him about it).

Hmm. Concerning that the conclusion of 'stick with her' is the sensible, practical one, not the emotional one. I mean, clearly it IS affection that's driving him too, but that's a worrying prospect for if the affection dries up. What IS he going to do? Just hope she stays quiet? Mm, Teddy has the right of it. I like Teddy, he's - OH NO he just said "what could go wrong." Doomed. Doomed!

Good on James for taking being Reserve so well. He's right and he's being mature about this - I do quite love the juxtaposition of how he's considerably more sensible professionally than personally, we can see these qualities DO exist within him. Oh, you are FIBBING, Carla. Fibbing, fibbing, fibbing!

Heh. Judicious planning to sit next to Hermione. That sounds like a double-edged sword but equally, food! I do like the Quidditch stuff, I know you worry about it sometimes but *I* think it's fun and interesting. And hee on Maddie drawing the comparisons between Quidditch and Hockey. Good lateral thinking. Love Maddie. AND NOW I LOVE HER EVEN MORE. That's loyalty. Ah-ha, more daddy issues no, wait, Carla, push, I want to hear more! Curses.

Phew! Mammoth chapter here. But a good 'un.

Author's Response: The trouble with James and Freddie's friendship, is that neither of them seek out a friend who they can talk to about things, because neither of them are the type of person to talk about their issues. They're both fairly easy-going guys, who like to have a laugh. So when James DOES need to talk, he can't really go to Freddie - and vice versa. Hence why James needs Teddy in this instance.

This has indeed become much more of a relationship than James' previous, but the trouble is that BECAUSE Carlotta is a Muggle, the automatic thought is that the reason why it's different is because of this. And nobody is thinking any further than that; James certainly isn't! So nobody's thinking about the emotional side of things here.

Clearly nothing can go wrong! ;)

James is partly okay with being reserve because he didn't want to play in the marathon match in the end! And of course, Roxanne is first and foremost his cousin, so he wants her to stay with the Falcons and recognises that he occasionally needs to be the one on the sidelines for her to play. He IS more sensible when it comes to Quidditch, partly because he has goals and knows what he needs to do to achieve them. He has little other responsabilities, and so is much more carefree outside his professional life. TOO carefree at times...

I like the Quidditch stuff, and it needs to be in place, because it's just as important as the Carlotta storyline. I did worry that it might have been too much, but I think it's fine. People seem to be enjoying it! So it's not a problem, and it will stay!

Maddie IS indeed a total babe. She does have the odd flaw, but in general she's a bit fab, and in danger of taking over this fic. Or at least she was until I decided she could have her own, haha.

DADDY ISSUES GALORE. Sorry, Carla isn't pushing for more :)

This chapter ended up bigger than I thought it would be. But I didn't want to split it up, so it all went up in one go. The next one is a bit shorter though. Thanks for reviewing, glad you liked :)

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