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Review:Toujours Padfoot says:

So I'm just going to stop telling you over and over that the latest chapter I've just read is my favorite, because I know I'm just going to keep saying it again with every new chapter, so I'll just say it without explicitly saying it because somehow that will make me less annoying and broken-record-y.

A MISSION. OKAY. LIKE. SIRIUS AND BETH, MAN. They are the best duo /ever/. Perfect blend of awesome right there. I'm trying to think of how James and Lily would have reacted in this situation if they could all change places, and I don't see it being nearly as fun with them. Sirius has limitless energy and makes everything around him ten times more exciting just because he's there, and while Beth is more cautious than he is, she's also quick on her feet and does impulsive things that surprise me, which is always such fun to read. Also her attitude, her voice, her personality as a whole makes her the best narrator ever. She's in the Order, yes, but Beth's just got that feisty kick of something extra that makes her perfect for this style of work. I can see her bending the law if she has to, just like I can see Sirius getting a vigilante streak. I am on such a tangent right now. Okay next paragraph.

The mission was exciting and VERY well-written; I got so scared when Beth realized that Sirius's wand wasn't Disillusioned. I feared Lucius would see a bobbing wand and go all Draco-attacking-Harry-on-Hogwarts-Express, but thank goodness the beautiful Lucius did not notice and therefore did not attack the beautiful Sirius. I think it would be too much for me to emotionally handle. Also Lucius's hair is my new favorite thing in this world. You wrote him so, so wonderfully; his sneering, his contemptuous attitude for everyone. The way he was looking at Borgin like he was a little slug, and the way he nosed his wand-cane around looking for invisible was brilliant. Perfect, perfect, perfect characterization. ♥ There is seriously no character you cannot write.

I felt like I was right there with them, sitting on the roof and trying not to breathe too loudly, brick dust all up in my nose, and seeing the background bleeding through Sirius's hazy form with blue sky and buildings. That imagery right there just blew me out of the water. I sat there rereading it several times just admiring it.

I also really liked this:

and they found a dark, narrow stairwell by a long range of stone fireplaces, the orange fire in their grates constantly switching to green as people Flooed in.

I love your details. You are one of the most thorough authors on this site. You make every single thing you write come to life.

And Moody! I loved him here. He seems like the best person to talk to for Sirius and Beth, who are such misfits themselves that it would feel weird if they reported to someone straitlaced and ordinary. Moody should totally weasel his way past the Longbottoms and become their offbeat mentor, just saying, because he has that whole aura down pat and I think he might make Death Eaters literally eat death because he is supes intimidating when he wants to be but here he was so down to earth.

I am trying to feel sorry for Caradoc because I suspect he is being targeted. So far the pity is not happening. I am holding a grudge against him for being all rude to Sirius.

Developments in plot! I am excited to see where this is going! Also excited at the amount of Sirius-Beth shenanigans here. I want to see a show about them. They can solve crimes together, good cop, bad cop. Except instead of good cop, bad cop it would be awesome cop, awesome cop.

You must forgive the rambly quality of this review. My eyes are like grapes that shriveled up in the sun.

Author's Response: RESPONDING TO THIS REVIEW NOW BEFORE I CHICKEN OUT. ♥ It will be pitiful. And I have ingested thoroughly too much psychology today, so honestly anything that pops out of my mouth, I cannot be held responsible for. (I knew you would like this chapter!!)

GUH. You were always so excited about the mission chapters, and I was thinking about that while posting this, because of course your opinion means loads to me, and I always have to do Sirius justice for you. :P And I didn't even think about James and Lily doing this, and now I really can't picture it -- this is very much a Sirius/Beth thing to be doing! I love their little duo. I can't help it. Even if I don't ship it. :)

But honestly, I am very, very glad that you enjoyed the mission! ♥ Action-y things are not my forte by a long shot, but it is fun to try my hand at them, and I was very pleased myself with how this one turned out. Even though there wasn't a lot of the sort of film-noir mission stuff I think I made it sound like there would be... well, it's hard, that. :P Never mind the fact YOU make action look easy! Lucius's hair is all for you, of course. You may have him, I am in no way partial to him or his blonde tresses. Gahhh, I am a puddle again. CHARACTERIZATION IS FUN.

I think one of the best things about my detail work -- no, I won't phrase it like that. The reason I do think I include a lot of detail is because (and yeah, you've heard it before) is that I SEE instead of create. Like... in my head, that's what the Ministry fireplaces were doing as I was writing this scene, changing colors, so I just wrote it. :D I bet you anything, though, you're the same way; in fact, I know you are. So you know what I'm getting at there!

I adore writing Moody, and I think people need to make more use of his character. He's a lot of fun! All gruff and cynical, with a nice bulbous eye. :) And lulz, yes, plot developments have arrived... 14 chapters in! Seriously, though, how have I posted so many chapters already. Is there any way to slow time down? Awesome cop/awesome cop for all the wins ~

I will only forgive your rambly review if you forgive the equally rambly response. In fact, I'll just blame you for it. ♥ THANKS FOR BEING A PILLAR OF SUPPORT AND ALL THAT STUFF, BUT SERIOUSLY, I APPRECIATE YOU ~

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