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Review:TenthWeasley says:
So, after a prolonged wait that you really didn't deserve, but nonetheless occurred, I am finally dropping by to leave you a well-earned review on this chapter! Although it might suck. It probably will suck. But I am going to try my very hardest. :3

This was, I think, your most Wodehouse-esque chapter yet, which is something I greatly admire, being a fan of his anyway. :3 Hugo is rather like a small version of Bertie, I think, in the very best sense (minus the romance woes and all that). He's so wonderfully /endearing/, with his rear-end missiles and poorly-clasped robes, and ill-timed comments balanced with his moments of lucidity. I adore him so much. ♥ Though I am well aware of how much of my reviews are used to tell you this. BUT HE IS SERIOUSLY THE BEST, NO OTHER HUGO EVEN COMES MARGINALLY CLOSE.

a stern ghost who emits as much rainbow-spectrum light as if he were crusted in diamonds might raise the hackles. -- Squinting at you in this moment. That is all. Except not really, because I have to comment again on how much I adore your ghost!Cedric, too. I giggled so much at his being showed up by a house elf; poor chap, that must have been rather humiliating for him. :3

He finally remembered where hed heard her name from, but it wasnt a name at all! -- OH MY GOSH, MY BRAIN HAS MADE CONNECTIONS. I AM DYING OF LAUGHTER RIGHT NOW HELPPP. ♥

I love your Draco, by the way. He is almost, but not quite, a caricature, and at the same time he is very canon. And I ADORED his interactions with Harry, because those were canon!! So many people write Draco in too sympathetic of a light, I think, in fan fiction -- mostly to pair him with Hermione and cause my gag reflex to kick in, I suspect. But he is rather a prat, and here... we see that. And that's very gratifying. :)

ENDING OF ALL ENDINGS. You always leave off on the nastiest cliffhangers! D: What did Rose mean?! Oh, you MUST post chapter 13 soon so I can find out, and also so I can spend some time with good ol' Percy. Whom I adore. ♥

Cannot wait for your next update -- bravo, bravo, encore!! :)

Author's Response: UMMM here i am after 5EVA sorry :(

none of your reviews could ever--I dare not speak the word!

I did try really hard to maintain this sort of buoyancy typical of our friend Goodhouse, so I thank you for mentioning that you've noticed! It takes such /energy/ to write that way, which is I suppose why updates on this fic are so sporadic and rare.

Hugo /is/ Bertie, rather, a Bertie sans woman troubles and sans a heart of lead coated in gold. I mean, Hugo is nice and everything but he knows when to pull his neck back in ;)

Ghost Cedric is at times an earnest character and /at times/ -cough- an opportunity for me to make fun of contemporary vampire fiction, considering the connection. I like that he can beat up a suit of armor and fail to come out victorious against a house elf, but perhaps it makes sense when you remember that a house elf has magic of its own and a suit of armor is just a heavy outline of a person.

I think he'd be rather more--er--subdued and sad than embarrassed, but you are probably right :P

I THINK I'M QUITE CLEVER FOR THAT NAME. I told my parents who wholly disapprove, complete with eye rolls and blank stares in turns.

Draco--budges up into a caricature, quite right. He's just like a blown-up version of his most smarmy moments as a child mixed in with this capacity to be a mature adult who likes tanning beds a touch too much. Even though I have a Dramione on my page I do not in any way ship them in this fic so there is not a chance that I will portray him in a way so as to make that possible. NEVER FEAR.

UGH WELL when I /do/ get to the update, I think it might jog your memory about the Quidropopots having once turned a batch of ancient egyptian wizards and witches into gods and goddesses. I mentioned it as a quip in adventure but that's what Rose is worried about, because imagine the havoc Hugo could wreak if he'd been turned into a god!

Percy percy percy. He is quite the grump, but I've gotten him to write about 2000 words at this point, though that's only about half of what I require.

Thanks so much for your review ♥ They are always a pleasure to receive :)

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