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Review:Toujours Padfoot says:
I absolutely love the way you twist history with magic! I learn something new about the middle ages every time I read a chapter of this story.

The descriptions, as usual, were magnificent (especially the bonfires and how the glow softened Helena's usually frozen-blue eyes), and it was so interesting to see this festival about Saint John. Back in those days religion was deeply steeped in so many aspects of life, so I'm not surprised to see that a few magical people know about customs relating to religion. And besides that, it sounds like excellent fun and would be a shame to miss out on it. And now that I'm thinking about it, are there any magical holidays? Muggles get to celebrate birthdays of important people, days celebrating freedom or the end of war or religious holidays, but I can't think of any purely magical ones. Odd. You'd think they'd have some sort of celebration or other about sort of seceding from the Muggles, with their Statute of Secrecy or whatever.../end rambling.

I expect that I sound like a broken record, but I'm so appreciative of your realistic execution of dialogue for this time period. When Rowena gave her speech, and then when Venn gave his about proposing to Helena, I did a little inner squee because of how natural and historically-accurate it all sounded. And not only that, but it flowed and was fascinating. Not an easy feat, I'm sure, but you make it look so effortless!

If Helena wished to twirl in a shower of petals, that could certainly be arranged with a mere flick of his wand. Between his money and his magic, she could have anything she ever desired.
- This really struck me. With every chapter I can see how very different Venn and Helena are. Here she was smiling and lovely and friendly with the peasants, and Venn really couldn't care less who was around, excepting Helena, of course. Helena is determined to see the best of him, and I think she's come to the conclusion that this will be her best, and perhaps only, offer of marriage. But the way that it came about! I am extremely suspicious that no thoughts of proposing to Helena on this particular day ever danced in Venn's brain until he saw his mother cozy up to another man. So this seems like quick steps to matrimony so that he can secure his crown. And while I can see why he would want to keep his inheritance out of other people's hands, I feel like Helena was rather ill-used because of it. When she said that this was what it was like to be romanced, I almost yelled NO IT IS NOT! GIVE THAT GLOVE BACK AND TELL HIM WHERE HE CAN PUT IT. No woman should be made a wife because of selfish reasons. While I know he likes her, he doesn't always seem easy with her, and certainly does not understand her all that well.

Bahh. I am having indignant emotions.

The jousting tournament sounds exciting! I can't wait to see what becomes of it. You always leave me wanting more. ^ ^

Another 10/10 awesomesauce chapter!

- Sarah

Author's Response: Hi Sarah! I'm glad to see you back again :)

It felt sort of awkward to try to fit this religious festival in with magic, but I've always been in the camp that there's no reason magic and religion couldn't co-exist in Harry Potter, so I made my best effort. Moreover, I wanted to weave in some more history, like you said. I hoped that Venn and Helena, like you, could at least appreciate the day and have some fun together at the festival. I'm sure there are some wizarding holidays, many of which might take form after the second war, now that you mention it!

Oh, lovely! Dialogue was tough at first, in terms of trying to make it sound era-appropriate without throwing in a bunch of 'thees' and 'thous,' but now I hope I've gotten into a bit of a rhythm with it. It's great that it flowed okay for you and seemed right.

They are definitely different creatures. When in doubt, I think of them in terms of their Houses, as I think it's fair to assume they are somewhat prototypical (being members of one of the first classes at Hogwarts). Thus, Helena is interested in her surroundings, curious, ready to learn what she can when she can learn it. Venn is self-centered, focusing on his best interests at all times, always thinking about how he can get the advantage in a situation. Naturally, being with someone can mold you a bit more into a more complicated person, and I hope you'll see a little of that as we move on. For now, though, I'm totally with you - it is selfish, it is impulsive, and Helena really should be approaching this with a clear head.

Hopefully you enjoy the next chapter (I have an inkling that you might)! It'll be posted in a few days, once I finish up with my edits.

Thanks again for your awesomesauce review!


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