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Review:water_lily43175 says:

Oh, Vaughn is truly priceless when talking to Tobias. I can't even quote his best line cause, you know, 12+. But he never hesitates to get to the point, does he? And it is SO like him to not care about how things are reported. As he showed at the end of Shadow of course. Not that he's RIGHT. But he has a point here in terms of Tobias needing to rearrange his priorities.

I think Jen's cracked it already. Toby needs to stop trying to organise other people, especially those who are perfectly well organised thank you. Heck, he needs to organise HIMSELF. And he needs to take his own advice. TIME OFF.

'My gut is not admissible as evidence in a court of law.' Amazing.

I just ... love the whole thing about prosecuting the big fish being easy, and it being harder to prosecute the smaller fish, and where to draw the line in terms of finding guilt, and YES. This is possibly partly because I've just been in Crouch's mind, and he was the type of person to prosecute anyone and everyone. After the first war, it was almost as though the Ministry decided that it was worth sending a few innocent people to Azkaban so long as they got all the guilty people. I like that it's different here. It seems RIGHT, that the likes of Kingsley and Harry - and of course, Toby and Jen - want to do it right this time.

Love how Jen still refers to Tanith as 'Cole'.

Oh, Gabe and his wandering the world. So like him. And so like him and Jen to make it work regardless. It's funny, how he's the least likely of the four to be in a comfortable relationship and have it work, and yet at the same time it makes sense, because he's the most straightforward one of them all, he knows what he wants, and he probably doesn't care much about the Ministry's reform either which helps!

Oh, good lord, the fame's gone to Cal's head already.

I can kind of see Tobias' point here. 'Just a few more weeks of this, and then I can have time off.' But the trouble is, he WON'T have time off, he'll carry on with it all. And yeah, Cal's right with what he says - how the hell does he manage to be so SENSIBLE at times? But yeah, Toby seems to think it's his job to make sure Everything Goes Right, and it's not.

...and yes, it all comes down to the whole 'there are two parties in this' thing. Last chapter, and so far in this one, it seems as though it's all Tobias' fault - but of course Tanith's workload is getting in the way just as much. Except, she's opted to take a week off, and Tobias won't. So she's a few points up here.

Sob sob. Cal/Nat is not Cal/Nat. DEVASTATED. He is destined for a life of philandering, isn't he? And then the fame will go to his head and he'll go off the rails ... OH SNAP.

More plz. Gabe plz. Harry plz. Thank you.

Author's Response: Gabe next chapter. Harry chapter... 5? Yes, 5. Promise.

Vaughn is like a bull in a china shop, uncaring of anything around him other than how HE views things. He really does savage poor Toby on this one, and if nothing else I can understand Tobias' objection because it IS his personal life. And because Vaughn is horribly rude!!

Jen's pretty smart. Toby is a bit of a control freak. The hows and the whys, we will get to, but if nothing else those two are alike enough that she can recognise something that's in her, in him. We get a good bit more of these two being friends in BTP, too, which is good because they WERE rather understated allies in the past. And yep, she's definitely not warmed enough to Tanith for them to be on first name terms.

The themes of justice vs vengeance, and its place in the aftermath of war, where reconciliation and peace are both necessary and WHO gets justice and for whom is it most important, are basically The Driving Themes of the A-Plot for BTP. It makes sense it would be different to the First War, though I don't think I ever directly draw a contrast - it just makes sense that idealists like Kingsley would try to find a better balance, having seen it before.

Cal is fortunately not as obnoxious, I think, as I may have led you to believe. That summary was written when all Cal had to DO in the fic was swan around being famous; here he's just a bit more ENJOYING himself with his new-found fortune and glory. And he's able to make time to bash some sense into his friends, which he really is pretty good at doing, even if it seems he couldn't take his own advice if he managed to mess up him and Nat. The hows and whys of that do get elaborated upon further on, promise!

Glad it's becoming apparent it's not all on Toby's shoulders. Certainly it would seem that he's got the lion's share of responsibility, but we'll be going into that. She IS a few points up here (even if the holiday wasn't so much her choice and it's asking Tobias to take time off at a critical juncture in his career, but these are the kinds of choices which define relationships and priorities), but I hope to keep it Fairly Even-Handed throughout.

More soon! Promise! Thanks for reviewing.

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