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Review:hdawg says:
This story is definitely being favourited, just so you know. These last few weeks have been a fantastic few, what with all the amazing stories I have read from the puffins. I am just so privileged to know and be friends with you. So thank you, for just being so lovely and wonderful ♥


"but Scorpius reached over and gave him a tremendous nooggie. He struggled to escape, letting out a yowl, then appealing, when this failed, to Neville's sympathies. But the old man just smiled evilly, draining the rest of his coffee and watching on even as Scorpius proceeded to put Hugo in a headlock and wrestle him to the ground." Best. Bromance. Ever. That is all I can say (mixed with an emotional voice and tears)

Woooah. They /bet/ on pureblood relationships?! That's wrong on so many levels. But I love the way that Neville kind of appreciates Scorpius for being different, for making a conscious effort to be so. After the last chapter (and my tears), this is just so lovely to read, that he has been accepted by one half of the wizarding community even if it means severely hindering ties to his own family and their side.

Haha - "Flitwick, the old sod" - that description is brilliant. Not only because I love describing people as 'sods' (my grandparents taught me this word, and they taught me well), but because it's /Flitwick/ being described by Neville. Sheer brilliance.

I adore them: "What if we all cast huge heating spells on the ice till it melted and turned into water again?" Hugo asked, reinforcing the idea behind the word 'huge' by stretching his arms out as far as they would reach./"You have an impressive wingspan," Scorpius said". They are such children and I love it. Some stories get it wrong and make them almost too old for their years, some make them too young, but you have made it just right - hit the balance perfectly. I congratulate thee.

"He threw his head back and let out a mighty roar of delight, shedding his coat and robes as he flew down the shore to the water, plunging in clumsily" Awh, my heart. Your imagination is fantastic, to come up with all of this is just...amazing. I really don't have any more words to describe what I am feeling for this story right now.

Oh dear Godric Gryffindor, ACROMANTULA! How will the son of Ron react to this, I wonder...well, right now I am scared because I absolutely hate spiders (maybe Hugo will save them, and therefore me?).

"He had known the ruby to be powerful enough to transform wizards into the Egyptian gods, but to pass down enough power through the years to create a hide immune to magic? That acted as a shield against spells?" Lily, you are a God. How do you even come up with this?! You are so brilliant and I am so sad that I am not half as brilliant as you are. Seriously, reading this, it's like reading a book of its own. You have to write and be published some day, please (and I will buy your book first, just so you know :))

Ah3h3h3: "You are braver than him, and he would never have put a scrap of metal in his ear." I like that. The only reason that Scorpius is better/braver than Draco is because he pierced an ear. Not the fact that he basically disowned his heritage, made friends with Albus against his father's wishes, and is now on this adventure with a drooling 15 year old and a professor who can't say 'no'; no, it's the fact that he has an earring. Brilliant.

Oh Scorpius, you are so lovely! "Scorpius hated himself for doing this to her. He cursed under his breath as he realised that the last three days had probably been torture for Rose Weasley." And so in love! Ajlmc'lc;jwdnv'o, my shipper heart!

Ooooh, this bridge and Hugo's thoughts are interesting. I am, well, not /scared/, but slightly apprehensive. But my baby just wants to be a man! "Hugo was suddenly struck with the same insane jealously that overcame him as he watched some of his dormmates shave in the morning--all he wanted was to be manly, how much longer was he going to have to wait?" He really needs to watch 'Mulan' if he thinks he's got it rough. At least he has a Y chromosome, Mulan has to make do with a dragon and bug trying to help her act all manly!

Your cliffhangers, as ever, are massive, and so now I must finish this review to see Scorpius, Neville and Hugo fight off some spiders! WOO!

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