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Review:hdawg says:
I AM BACK FOR SOME MORE ADVENTURE! I honestly can't wait to see what happens. And I can't wait to get back and see Hugo; in the past 12 hours I have missed his quirky ways...

I have done the Duke of Edinburgh award, and I know how this feels: "Neville let out a small laugh when he saw Scorpius grab it and spin it around, as Hugo had been holding it upside down." Honestly, we walked for 6 kilometres in the wrong direction. So humiliating...but at least this means that Hugo and I are kindred spirits, right? ;)

"He wondered for a wild, sleep-deprived moment if Professor Longbottom had ever competed with a mountain goat to get to a rare species of wild herb first." This image needs to be drawn. It is too fantastic for words. Please. (we'll get Gina/Julia on the case)

""I trapped the hinkypunk in a bubble-head charm and tied a string to the end of it. We can use it as a lamp now that there's a field between our vision and its light."/"Where'd you learn to do that?"/"From the centaurs," Hugo replied in an offhanded tone." And /gypsies/? This boy is far more brilliant than I would ever have guessed. I love him. Too much. I just - emv;ireacjnr;.

Oh Hugo! You fit in better with the nomads! I love you! This is too cute for words. I want to express how much this cuteness is affecting me, but it's too damn cute for me to write it out. Did I say 'cute' too much? Cute. (it has now lost all meaning)

Oh my baby: "Wow. Maybe I'll start paying more attention in astronomy. And all this time I thought it was just because they were looking to settle us on another planet...and needed our help to find it." Honestly though, that is the smartest thing ever (that Scorpius said, not Hugo, he is such a lovable derp). Y u so clevuh lileh?

You have made me feel things again! "this adventure was parallel in Hugo's mind to the quest of his parent's time. They were both equally impossible, finding a mythological plant and defeating, almost single-handedly, the most powerful darkwizard of the age. And Scorpius wasn't sure that the tasks weren't equally dangerous" A long quote for you there, but seriously, this is brilliant. I dunno, like I said in the last review, the fact that Hugo is the way he is is because of his lack of adventure in comparison to his parents is just mind-blowing. I love it. It's like you've made a character quirky and weird for the right reasons, not just to make the story more interesting, but because of the way he views his life.

"Scorpius nodded, resisting the urge to ask what Hugo had needed the extra trunk for. He was afraid to know." (it was to fit me in, I've been living in the boys dorms for a few months now, and it's fandabbydozey)

Oh and Hugo dancing in the snow. This is a beautiful sight - I know it is, for I watched it from the boys' dormitory windows ;) ah3h3h3. "I smell fennel. If I had a tail, I'm sure it'd be pointing towards the grill." His love of food only makes me love him more.

I love this old, very 'country club' English you use here. Kinda reminds me of how Scorpius is normally portrayed: "You know, the old boy's not too bad," he said to Hugo, finishing the last of his toast./"Who, Neville? No, he's great, the chap."

Oh and Scorpius' little bit about becoming his own man, away from his family's name is just heart-wrenching. Seriously, how do you come up with this?! It is too...real. Like genuinely, I want to cuddle all of them now. I just love your new take on all the characters.

Ohmygod I am nearly crying: "He had been so overwhelmed as to almost be moved to tears the first time that Albus invited him to come out to the Quidditch pitch for an illegal practice after the first month of school—and even more moved when Albus announced that he'd let his dad know of their undeniable friendship and that Harry Potter...had welcomed the kid with open arms.../"I'm your friend, Hugo," he managed to croak" WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?! I want to curl up in a ball somewhere and just sob.

"and what Hugo wanted more than anything else...was to become a man." BE A MAN. You must be swift as the coursing river...etc etc. You get the picture (and it is brilliant...Shang...)

3h3h3h3, the last line. This was such a deep and emotional chapter, and I absolutely adored it. All the insights you gave into the characters were just perfect and well-timed. I can't wait for the next chapter :D

p.s. Sorry about the hefty reviews. When I love a story, they tend to nearly reach the character limit :)

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