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Review:SilentConfession says:
Hey, i'm here to thank you for all of your amazing help with the reviewing the HC podcasts! And, i've always wanted to read this story so i've just killed two birds with one stone (straw birds, of course, wouldn't dream of killing real ones!! ;P ).

Anyway, this was absolutely lovely. I love how you've written Josephine, she's so real and lively and yet she rarely says a word. I like that and although i've always imagined Fred to be friends with people who are about as lively and witty as him, this strangely works. Their interaction in the flashbacks were stellar. I also like how you even described their relationship and how he liked to figure her out and brought out her insecurities to why he even liked her. It answered a lot of questions but it was so beautifully and seamlessly done that is seemed natural! Which is a great feat because it sometimes seems like sometimes authors (me included!!) just throw this information into the chapters without thought of how to do it. It just seemed normal coming from Jo. I don't know how better to explain it or if i got my point across at all, but so you know, I liked it a lot.

I think it's because I just love Jo's monologues and her narration. It's really relatable, even if i may not have experienced what she has or i don't have much in common with her, i feel what she does. I think that is such an amazing accomplishment honestly.

This is incredibly sad as well. I can't handle Fred stories very well because i'm STILL mourning his death (how weird am i?) and the way you wrote how Fred Weasley is in a box just really struck me. And the scene with George and Molly!! GAH!! it's too much for me to handle! I was so close to bawling my eyes out like a school kid. You wrote it so well though and you description is brilliant because you can capture these really emotional, heart-wrenching moments with precision.

There is one thing i do wonder, does George not know of their relationship at all? Like, at all?? I feel like that is a little unbelievable as they were so close and even with Fred's promise to not talk about her at all, i don't see how that could fly under George's radar. Especially as it seems like they were friends before she started working for them. Maybe he does know about it though and that just hasn't been shown yet... :P

Whatever the case, this is really, really lovely and i hope you continue on it because it's so intriguing and it makes me want to know what's going to happen next!

Author's Response: I will love you forever if we both just pretend that it didn't take me over a year to respond to this review... Deal?

Haha Who am I kidding! I already love you forever for leaving this amazing review! (Also, I'm so sorry for the late reply; I am simply the worst!) It's so nice of you to have given out reviews for people who helped with the 2012 HC! You're wonderful, and I'm so happy that it inspired you to start reading Jo! Yay!

Ah, it's such a relief every time I hear that people like Josephine AND that they don't think I'm insane for thinking that quiet, shy little Joey could even slightly fit into the world of the crazy twins! Phew! And I definitely understand what you mean! It really bothers me when people begin their stories with, like, endless lists of who everybody is and how they act and what they're like - I'd much rather figure the character out on my own without having who they are shoved down my throat! It's amazing to hear that you think I pulled it off! It's definitely a tricky balance, so yay! Thank you!

Oh, you're just too kind. I was actually really nervous about posting this story because it is written in a relatively uncommon fashion, and posting things that are somewhat different can be a huge risk. I feel like I can breathe a sigh of relief, though, because Jo's narration is really the foundation of the entire story, and if you can't relate to her on some level, it just wouldn't work, I don't think! It's incredible to hear that you can feel with and for her without having gone through exactly what she has - I'm so, so happy!

Girl, I've been in mourning over Fred for years, too! *hugs* You are blowing my mind away! Those scenes were both so important to me because I adore Fred so much and I really just wanted to do his death some form of justice and to really make people feel his loss, so endless thank you's for those comments! ^.^

Mwahaha! As River Song would say, 'Spoilers!' hehehe All I will say is that I have it covered. I think the thing about first person stories is that everything that you're told is very, very one-sided. They can think they know what's going on around them, but perhaps they're missing a few details. I definitely appreciate the concern, though! I think I've covered all plot holes, but should you see any more potential questionable moments, definitely point them out, just in case, you insightful thing, you!

In conclusion, you are incredible, this review is just amazing, and I really hope to see you again in chapter 3 (which I've just gotten back to writing, so it should be up soon)! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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