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Review:Toujours Padfoot says:

But innate resentment spoke over logic, and he slumped back in his chair, folding his arms across his chest.
- That is Ron in a nutshell. That action reminded me of so, so many times in the books when Ron must have had an inkling that he was being unreasonable, but he just kept continuing with it. And the way he shouldered past Molly even though he knew she needed him now more than ever, that all she wanted to do was make him feel better, that...well, that was top-notch characterization right there. I've never read a more canon Ron. Anywhere.

"I'm sixteen," Ginny said dully, and Ron was frightened by just how dim her eyes were; they had lost their normal snap.
- This mental picture is so vivid and heartbreaking. As soon as you mentioned Ginny, I remembered all over again that she's lost Harry, and that is just...oh my goodness. :( And I really admire you for doing her characterization justice and keeping her so canon even though I know you have a personal dislike for her. It suddenly occurred to me how fragile all their lives are, how easily they could have died in the Battle and how they could still die yet; this is AU and I have no idea what to expect. For all I know, loads of more people are yet to die in this story. Now I'm thinking about it and wondering if you killed off Cho just for funsies. SO MANY PEOPLE ARE DEAD. I CAN'T.

"My father knows what's happened," he said viciously. "You have no idea what he'll do to you when -"
- MY FATHER WILL BE HEARING ABOUT THIS! I laughed out loud when he said that - the pampered, slimy little Slytherin still playing the Daddy card. Over and over I'm so thankful that you're amazing at characterization and keeping canon characters perfectly canon - he was a smarmy delight to read. God I just want to punch him right in the face, and I love that, how you can make me love or hate characters even more than I did when reading them in the books. He was a coward to the core here. And it made me think about Peter Pettigrew - how he's like Peter but in reverse. Scared of his own side and scared of the opposition, his number one worry is self-preservation. He's redeemed a bit because he's worried about the safety of his parents, too, and of course he's not as wicked as Peter, but turning traitor because there's something in it for him smells of Pettigrew. I really, really love that parallel. Did you do that on purpose?

"Your father," Arthur Weasley interrupted coolly, knows nothing."
- SCORE ONE FOR WEASLEY. Arthur is usually so friendly and easygoing that when he is stern, it's almost scary. Intimidation levels are through the roof right now. Would not want to be in Draco's shoes.

They held tightly to Malfoy's upper arms and led him away through the throng, who parted as he passed as though wary of catching an infectious disease from him.
- skdfjsdjfksdjsdf I love the way you think of everything. It all feels so realistic, so vivid. I can see them all melting away to forge a path and him just snarling and shooting evil looks at them as he's taken up to the room, AND HEY THIS IS SORT OF LIKE MALFOY MANOR BUT IN REVERSE. Instead of Ron and company being dragged into the dungeons, Draco's being locked in a bedroom. It highlights the differences between the sides, too - The Order's extremely serious about winning, but they're not going to be harsh to those who don't fully deserve it. I like their brand of justice - firm but humane.

This review is so fail but I love this story times a billion and I always get so excited to see an update. ♥


Author's Response: I know I'm giving you a riddle here in a second, but just bear with me so I can squee to you about how much confidence all your reviews instill in me. Capiche? ♥

SO GLAD YOU LIKE MY RON, OH MY GOODNESS. I love writing him, and it just kind of hit me today how much I /have/ written him, and he's just so interesting to me. I always feel like I need to give him his time to shine, I think, because he is so, so overshadowed in fic. And Ginny! I like writing her here... maybe it's because here, she doesn't seem quite so perfect to me. She's broken, she's defeated, and that's so much more human than the pretty, popular Quidditch player. (Climbing down off my soapbox now.)

Lulz, I slipped in a father-mention for Draco on purpose. Good old Draco. AND again with him, I very much want him to feel kind of slimy and traitorous and, yes, Pettigrew-ish (which you articulated much, much better than my brain can). Because he's basically idolized in so much fic, and it's like, no, sir, he's a prat. It's just that in this story... he is a useful prat.

OKAY, IT'S RIDDLE TIME NOW. Honestly, though, I really can't tell you what your support on this story means. I know I keep saying that, but far and away, your opinion is the one I value most, because you're just so inspirational, and you talk through things with me, and just sdl;fjs. I am glad to have you. ♥

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