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Review:hdawg says:
Your first sentence has already captured me. It's simplicity is brilliant. This story just keeps getting better and better.

""Oh, oh. Not to fear! this happens occasionally and he always makes it back relatively unscathed. We just wait till morning, figuring he's stealing food down at the kitchens." Filius nodded in a way that he must have considered to be reassuring." I love the fact that the Headmaster knows all about Hugo and his...well, his ineptitude for following rules and acting like a normal fifth year. Not that other fifth years follow rules, it's just that the reason Hugo does it is so childish, and I can't help smiling at just how cute he really is.

""You mean the legendary plant whose fruit produces a ruby that contains highly magical properties and whose flesh will cure most exotic diseases?" This plant sounds wonderful. No wonder Hugo went looking for it. I'd be impressed and would fall into his arms if he even know anything about this plant, and thus would help him on his quest to find it (and fall in love along the way...)

"It turned some wizards into gods, didn't it?" Ohmygod Hugo Weasley as a God. For some reason, in my head, he looks like Loki (when he's all dressed up to be a God)...

This is so apt and so lovely. Scorpius loves Hugo (bromances ftw!) and yet Hugo probably can't even tie up his own shoelaces without falling over, let alone know how much he worries people: "Scorpius didn't like to admit it, as he didn't like to assign the uncouth characteristic of impotence to any of Rose's kin, but he worried about Hugo. A boy with a seemingly unnatural ability to play and strategise in Quidditch but who lacked any self-knowledge or social adaptability outside of the pitch."

Oh my heart! I love him: "the implicit "mostly staring and drooling" being perhaps his largest downfall besides his complete lack of self-awareness." When can we be married?

"like perhaps he wanted to harvest some more cabbage for the flobberworms..."/They met each others' gaze. /"That's too practical," they said at the same time" I have never read a story like this, and I love it. This whole we're-friends-because-we're-worried-about-someone-we-love is not an idea I'm unused to, but using two characters who should, because of their backgrounds, hate each other makes it so much nicer. I love it so much.

Ahehehe: "You can't just go wandering into the night, you little twit!" That curse isn't used enough in everyday life. I think I shall bring it back (Julia won't know what's hit her...).

And again, ahehehe: "I meant to hit the cat, not you. Er Petrificus totalus!"/Neville fell backwards onto the ground. He still couldn't move./"Really?" I can just see it now, and this is a most glorious and hilarious image in my head.

Nothing but pure love remains anymore: "It's too late for that." Hugo stared seriously at Neville and Scorpius, his large eyes bouncing between their faces. "That train has sailed." Such a simple sentence, but it describes Hugo's personality /perfectly/. He is, and always will be, completely perfect, and a complete twit.

Wow. I'd never thought of it like this: "He might, Neville imagined, become tired of the comparative banality of social life at Hogwarts when his parents and his parents' closest friends had all been a part of something so significant in their time. That might explain Hugo's disinterest in interacting with his peers, so few of whom were as closely linked to the exciting past as he was himself, having parents like his." You amaze me with how deep you can go. I just thought Hugo was a know, ditsy because that was the way he was. I never thought that it was because he was comparing it to what his parents had experienced at school. Your insights here are so fantastic and mind-blowing. Thank you.

OH HUGO! "Something pulled his vision downwards, and he looked very intently at the runes that Hugo had traced into the dirt./I am smart." You have no idea what you have done to me with those three words. You - I - Hugo - aha;bewf;bnwk'mvkm. So beautiful. I also rather love that way that Scorpius follows Hugo into the forest without questions. That is true friendship.

Lily, this is so beautiful and lovely and I apologise once more for taking forever in reviewing :( but I love this too much now and don't want to stop reading. However, I need to leave BUT I WILL BE BACK FOR MY BABY HUGO TOMORROW. OKAY? COOL.

This is wonderful, just in case you didn't get that from my long reviews :)

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