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Review:manno_malfoy says:
Oh no... How's the chapter over? I honestly expected 3500 words would be a bit longer. Hmph, maybe I was just too engrossed to notice. Whichever it is, I just want more of this, Amanda! It's just so beautiful and full of dynamic interactions... It's wonderful! This is officially my favourite chapter. And yes, I know I said that last chapter as well.

Anyway... I really liked the way you've started the chapter and the over all setting of this chapter. I also liked the mention of the third years who are still trying this out for the first time and didn't get coats -it made me smile for some reason.

And Regulus! I think he's developing wonderfully! Here, we see how he really is new to all this; despite his general knowledge about Voldemort and his army, there usually are those little tricks that you get to learn from company and interaction with the actual scene. And he clearly still lacks that. He still finds it a bit hard to behave just like the others and does things out of peer pressure and fear of judgment. Therefore, you've got a perfect future Death Eater rebel in the making, or so I believe anyway!

Now, onto the scene between Lily and Severus! I was almost literally on the edge of my seat because of the intense conversation between them. To me, they both seem to be very confused, not sure which is the right emotion to show or how their first conversation after such a long time should go. When the conversation started, I really was hoping it would go well and that they become a little civil again, despite all the odds. Hmph, my many unrealistic hopes.

I think that the end of the scene was the most important part of it all. It's this moment where Severus has to choose between sorting things out between himself and Lily, and the judgment of his friends, who were one of the reasons behind the end of his and Lily's friendship. And the fact that he leaves her and goes to them makes how he and Lily never made up truly believable. No matter how heartbreaking this may be... :(

As for Peter, I actually adore him here. Sometimes, in Marauder stories, I feel that Peter can get a little neglected and I really admire how you've made way for him. He actually seems quite sweet, even if it's a bit weird to use this adjective to describe Peter, but anyway... I found this sentence especially very interesting: “Yeah, I know, you can trust me."

I don't know if this has been purposefully put here to strike up some intensity or if it's just accidental, but I loved it and it caught my attention.

The final scene was quite grand as well. I felt as though you've put Regulus in the same situation you've put Snape in earlier in the chapter. He was a little staggered by his brother's judging gaze despite everything and I think that's very believable.

Anyway, I truly admire the overall theme of this chapter. And, as always, everything is very well-executed; I think it would be really hard for me to spot a mistake. So, well done! And I honestly cannot wait to see more of this story that is probably the best Marauders Era fanfic I've read so far. Keep up the lovely work! :D


Author's Response: Hi Manno! Thanks for coming by again! :)

I'm really glad you liked the introduction to this chapter. I have this habit of just starting off in the middle of things and dropping readers into the imagery so as to properly set the scene. I also thought it would be neat to contrast the Slytherins with the other students.

It sounds like Regulus came across to you exactly as I'd intended him to. He definitely follows the crowd and does what is expected of him, but it's tempered a bit by his hesitant attitude and slight hint of innocence. As I tried to allude to at the very end of the chapter, he's already getting in a bit over his head.

It would have been nice to have Lily and Severus make up more easily, wouldn't it? I'm glad their interaction felt believable to you in its awkwardness and that you liked the tension at the end. I did intend for it to be a small example of the uncomfortable place he's been put in and the decision he has to make.

Oh, yes, Peter! You got it right - I definitely meant for the comments about him being a good friend and someone Lily can trust to be deliberate and a kind of foreshadowing for what will eventually happen to him. Right now though, yeah, he's just one of the guys.

I'm so glad you're still enjoying this, and I'll be back to re-request when I have the next chapter posted. I'm halfway done with it now!

Thanks so much again for this kind review :)


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