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Review:ScorpiusRose17 says:
Hi there!

Okay so I am finally here with your review. I know it's been waiting awhile...real life has been crazy. So anyways...onto the review. =)

I love you! Have I ever mentioned that? But seriously I love how you write this story. This chapter alone just captures my mind and it is so relatable. Especially when they are in the Library and Teddy comes over and starts talking to Hannah giving her the inside scoop of look...this is what he is doing and now I am doing it to. He gave her an eye opener on how guys work. I could definitely relate to Hannah throughout this entire chapter. Seeing your ex with someone else the first couple of times really does hurt and you showed that through her emotions. She really did/does love Fred and he really feels the same way too, but I think his hurt is deeper than hers.

I LOVED Minky. Cute little house elf! She is so awesome for telling Hannah what Fred said. It's like they expect us to read their minds and we can't do that all the time. We need them to spell it out for us. Minky gives Hannah that edge and she figures out what she needs to do.

I really enjoyed seeing Hannah on the war path towards Malfoy. You were able to add in humor (Albus being angry for her sitting in at their practice and not telling him about it) but you were still able to get Hannah's anger through. I love how she "air quotes" Breaks up with Malfoy and decides that the icing on the cake is that she will tell Rose if he doesn't stop. That is really what she needed was a clean break with no strands holding them together. I am sure that Malfoy will still cause trouble because well he's Malfoy.

The chapter had a great flow to it and it was easy to follow. I really enjoyed the pace because it almost had this cadence that you knew what was going to happen and it followed along with Hannah's emotions. I hope this makes sense.

Teddy was just as believable in this chapter has he has been throughout the entire story. I love how he's not affriad to put himself out there. He does care for Hannah as a friend and just because he's an "evil" Slytherin he is really a stand up guy who cares for his friends. Oh I also wanted to let you know that I LOVE how you characterize Madam Pince. She cracks me up with all her shushing and bewilderment.

I think I covered all of your areas of concern. I did notice one sentence that were a bit confusing.

"A small light dawned in him as I stood up as I stood up a moment later."

One to many stood up's.

I really enjoyed this chapter and this story has really captivated me. Keep up the awesome work!! =)


Author's Response: Hey!
Oh god, don't even worry! This review is completely worth the wait! Thank you so much for this!

aha, I love you too! I'm so happy to hear you think it's relatable; I always try to keep it real, so it's always very reassuring to hear so. Haha.. they all had a little bit of a moment of 'thinking about themselves' in the library so that was fun to write. She did! She got a little vision into what's going on in Fred's mind right now. And it really did affect her, and push forward the rest of the events in this chapter :) She DOES love him! And you're definitely right, he's a lot more hurt than he's letting on to be.

Minky is just one of those characters - a little like Teddy, in respects - that I never expected her to be a character I love as much as I do. She really tried to fight not to spill Fred's secrets but it did not work out too well for her :p She gave her that little push to make her figure out what had to be done, and I love her for it.

I am very happy that the 'breakup' with Scorpius worked well for you. I was a bit worried with the big block of text that it wouldn't flow too well, so it's relaxing to hear otherwise. Of course, I had to throw a little bit of Humor in it, but it really was a pushing forward point for Hannah on her path to making things right. haha.. well, he is Malfoy, after all...

It makes sense :) Thank you! I'm always overjoyed (look, I didn't say glad!) to hear that the flow works; I always overwork myself up over pace and flow because I panic too much about everything :p

Teddy! I write stuff out of order, and I had that little moment with him and Hannah written out a long time ago. They are really great friends and they sort of - not situation, but otherwise - are going through the same thing so they can bond through that. haha.. Madam Pince just has to be so old at this point that she's gone a bit senile.

haha.. she just stood up twice! no, but thank you for pointing that out! I will edit asap! Thank you so much again for the amazing review! Sorry this response took a bit longer than normal, I wanted to give this amazing review a proper response! I missed out on a spot in your new review thread, so I will be stalking it in hopes to snag a spot the next round! Thanks again for everything!

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