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Review:dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap says:
What I wouldn't I have given to dance with him for just one more slow song. I had felt so safe and content as he held me. I felt like crying knowing that there would be no other excuse for contact like that again.

^ And then the overthinking begins. Just how plenty girls used to spend the night and morning after from a dance, contemplating conversations with boys and trying to figure them out.

Well, stumbled up would be more accurate for he had to grip the table and almost fell back into his seat, making me realize that he was, in fact, very drunk.

Severus drunk. Interesting. Very interesting. There were so many parts I enjoyed about this chapter that I kind of got lost as I was reading and forgot to copy and paste the parts. All well! I liked that she was the one to ask him to meet her. She made the initial move and he made the next move by grabbing her hand and then nearly kissing her. It would have been fantastic to see that happen but the suspense you're building is wonderful. It isn't time for them just yet.

The Christmas Holiday is when I think it will happen. I can see the two of them just getting lost with eachother for just one night and letting their inhibitions free. I can also see Severus apologizing for some reason for it.

I ran toward him, but he held up a hand in a motion for me to stay away.

^ I read the dream part twice and I'm wondering if this has a connection to anything. I know because of the duel that it would have to be the snake or the basilisk but I think that's a stretch. I just wonder if she's a seer or something remotely close to that? Like her nightmares are trying to tell her something. I don't know. I'm probably wrong and reading too much into it.

Author's Response: I'm glad you got to this chapter because it was one of my favorites to write. I did originally have him kiss her here, but then decided to change it. I didn't want their first kiss to be because he was under the influence of something. It seemed wrong somehow, plus it's fun to drag these things out and torture readers. Mwa ha ha.

"Just how plenty girls used to spend the night and morning after from a dance, contemplating conversations with boys and trying to figure them out." --Yes! And the boys just roll over and go to sleep instantly, not realizing what the girls said might actually mean something different!

I was always interested in the idea of Severus being drunk. It seems like something he would NEVER do because he would consider letting a substance influence your mind and body to be a huge weakness. But in this situation he probably thought, "I'll just have one to take the edge off," then, "It's not working. One more won't hurt," followed by "Madam Rosmerta just happens to be here. If two didn't bother me, three can't be bad, right? I have time to kill," then it all hits his system at once and he's ready to hit the floor.

Not going to comment on your last few thoughts there. That probably says enough in itself. I'm sure you must be crazy busy, probably doing NaNo again because you're super-lady and reading tons of stories (jealous! Wish I had the uninterrupted time!) so I really appreciate you taking the time to read some more and let me know your thoughts :) From what you've said in previous reviews, I really think you're going to like the next few chapters a lot. Lots of questions of yours will be answered, as well as probably raising a few new ones. It's also the turning point in the story where more stuff starts actually happening, and not just this start and stop "Does he like me, or doesn't he?" type thing. All of that is important to lay the groundwork for the rest of the plot, but this upcoming material is what I'm really proud of. Thanks again! Take care!

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