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Review:dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap says:
Penelope Clearwater, a Ravenclaw prefect, was chasing Weasley back and forth with a glass of water, trying to make him drink something.

Hello! I'm back. I needed something to cheer me up and have spent the last twenty minutes opening and closing various stories until finally stumbling on yours and sticking with it. I really like the above part because you mention the other main characters, Harry, Ron, Hermione. Even though the story is Severus/Avrille, Harry still makes a big impact on the storyline because of Voldemort and the Death Eater's and Lily (even though Severus wasn't in love with her). I love minor characters. Percy and Penelope are two of my favorites and it made me chuckle to see her running after him.

Her exquisiteness making a mute of me, we sat silently together for the next few minutes.

I have to hand it to Severus. He's almost poetic with his thoughts about her. It could be considered a little excessive but I feel like that's who his character is. He never goes into anything if heís not going to commit to it all the way. I mean, he was a Death Eater and people could say that he 'quit' being a Death Eater the moment Lily and James were killed but I feel like even when he became a spy for Dumbledore he was still a Death Eater. He tried to live up to their persona and he did really still believe in some of the aspects. In reality he probably would have still been on Voldemort's side if Lily hadn't died. It could have been Neville's parents and he wouldnít have even blinked in my opinion.

Just like they all expected, I would spend the entire evening sitting here in the corner, much like what probably would have happened if I had ever bothered to attend one of these as a student myself.

^ Aw. Severus. He's like a man-child at times. Always clinging to past memories making the present just as bleak because he can't let it go.

If I could only gather the courage to ask; there was even a decent chance she would say yes.

"Well, we don't meet much outside of school," I commented.

^ Haha! They act like teenagers. Oh, they amuse me so. This was just how it was when I was in high school. I remember it well. Sitting there, waiting for someone to ask me to dance and then dancing with them, not wanting to look into their eyes and then smiling like a fool. The line "Well, we don't meet much outside of school," oh I've heard that one numerous times! I suppose because they're nervous and haven't really 'been' with a slew of other people they donít how to flirt age appropriately with each other. I also think it's fitting because it's a school dance that they're in and they're surrounded with teenagers who are acting the same way. They're going to 'learn' a few things from them or at least mirror their actions. It's not like he could really sweep her off of her feet right there anyway.

Author's Response: Hi! I'm so glad you're back! You definitely have a knack for coming back to review when I really, really need it. My kid's pretty sick right now and I'm super stressed out, so I did a quick review check on the slight off-chance someone had read lately and it turns out you did today! So thanks a bunch for the instant cheer up, and hopefully my story helped cheer you up on your end :) I always found this chapter pretty funny with the teenage awkwardness abound, like you pointed out.

I like throwing references to random canon characters in there every once in a while. Obviously the story is about the professors and not the students, but I still think it's important to be reminded, "Oh yeah! This is the year with Penelope and Percy!" and things like that. I've always had a lot of fun fleshing out characters like Prof. Sinistra who are technically canon, but we don't know anything about them. Being that this is Harry Potter fan fiction, I tried to create as few OCs as possible.

You really seem to know exactly how I view Severus myself. Even before we knew about his true canon motivations for protecting Harry, I always felt he was a very deep person with very little of his true feelings visible on the outside. So yes, for most other characters his obsession with Avrille could seem over the top, but like you said he commits all the way when he decides to do or feel something. I think you're definitely right about him remaining a Death Eater if Lily hadn't been killed, especially since I have his mother dying a few months before he finds out Lily is being hunted. With her death went the only positive influence in his life besides the teachers at Hogwarts (but of course he hadn't been hired there yet so they weren't part of his life right then any more). I think deep down he would have felt what he was doing was wrong, but wouldn't have cared enough about himself or other people to change until there was no going back.

Yes, my poor teenager-adults, acting just like the silly kids around them. Avrille wanted a relationship before now but was never given the chance with her girl-schools and magic problems. Severus was too interested in school work until it was too late and the option was removed for him (but more on that in a couple chapters :D) I'm sure they'd both love to just go at it right there in the middle of the Great Hall, but you brought up an excellent point that it's kind of hard to date someone you're not supposed to when surrounded by something like 250 students.

Thanks again for the reviews. They really helped me calm down and focus on something else besides being worried about my son. Hopefully he'll be better soon. It seems like something is always happening to get in the way of writing :(

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