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Review:WitnesstoitAll says:

This was such a brilliant chapter. It was so creative, and I know I rave about your imagination all the time, but this chapter really takes the cake, or the cheese or whatever it is that was taken. Everything about the funhouse was magical -- and the description, it was like candy for the eyes. The bit about the Little Dipper pouring night over the building, omg. I think I read that four or five times before I was able to move forward. it was just so gorgeous. Also, the molten gold coming out of the candelabra, gorgeous. I could go on, but I'd end up requoting the entire thing.

I couldn't help but wondering the entire time I was reading this whose memory it was -- perhaps the little boy with the purple balloon? or the small girl with the asphodel on her hat brim? gah. I want to know, b/c I want to know the people who went there for fun, b/c it sounds terrifying. lol. I'm such a baby with scary things and fun houses are defo scary.

AHH. I cannot believe how attached I am to all these characters (oky, that's a lie, b/c I can easily believe it). Watching them, I had goosebumps and adrenaline and was like GO GO GO but at the same time was like NO NO NOOO. b/c if they lost in this round, they'd live and not face being snuffed out.

FRED AND THE MIRRORS OF HIS FAMILY'S DEATHS. OMG. CREY. Seeing possible ends to them all was so moving, and it made me wonder what sort of trouble was about in their futur that so many awful things happened, a trio breaking into Percy and Audry's place with little Molly. Victoire, Dom, and Louis being tortured, Ginny and the Dementor. And then Arthur and his car... George and his experiments. Ahhh. I found it particularly moving that Fred had no idea who Audrey was or why Angelina made it into one of the mirrors. :( Also, major hugs for you for including angelina (H).

And the end. I love how much you've utilized Tonks' abilitities to change her identity in this story... it really made it seem like an asset rather than just an accessory. And I'm so, so happy she stole Crabbe's wand to help out colin. EXCEPT NOW IT'S FRED AND COLIN AND OMG. IF YOU DON'T FIND A WAY TO OUT SMART CLIODNA AND LET THEM BOTH WIN I WILL DIE. DED.

I told you I'd try to leave a review without saying ded, but clearly I failed. lol. this story is so rivoting and I'm so involved in it... it's more like i'm in the scenes witnessing them as the happen than sitting in my room reading them, and that is a real gift, sarah. Thank you for sharing.

Oh, one last thing... COLIN HAD NEVER APPARATED BEFORE. He's so young, jkr, why. he's a baby.


Author's Response: MEL. ♥

The cake or the cheese or whatever it was that was taken - that makes me laugh every time I read it. XD It is so, so gratifying to have an author whose own writing I admire so much squee about my stuff. One of my favorite things about writing is imagery, which was one of the reasons why I decided on a fun-house setting. There was so much I could shove in there that didn't necessarily have to make sense, and I could have ample opportunity to write about shiny things. XD

Yarr, Cassandra Vablatsky donated the memory. Just chillin' on her pouf, doing some palmistry like a champ. P.S. I'm pretty sure this fun-house would terrify me. The only thing I might like is the levitating room because it would be fun to just float around, but like, everything else would give me nightmares.

I honestly have no idea where I was going with the dark futures for Fred's relatives. If the fun-house was somehow accurate and not just messing with his head, then that probably means bad things ahead. The fact that we know Audrey and Angelina are Weasleys in the future, and Fred does not, is somewhat telling. But then again, with the book in the depot listing everyone who is yet to come to Cliodna's Clock, then perhaps Cliodna had something to do with it...

*mysterious voodoo fingers*

Have you ever seen X-Men? Because I've always likened Tonks to Mystique, and while Mystique made the most of her unusual talents, Tonks mostly just used hers to have pink hair. -__- So I love being able to actually have her use those talents here.

Telling me that you feel like you're in the story rather than just reading it is the most wonderful thing in the world to hear. I have no idea where I would be without your amazing support. ♥ I am now consumed with feels.

D: Colin is so wee.

THANK YOU FOR BEING SO SPLENDID. Someday when we're all famous, we can race each other in our flying cars and then buy some shoes and bake cupcakes and the Spice Girls will sing the background track to the documentary made about us and our fabulousness.

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