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Review:CloakAuror9 says:
Hi Dan! *waves*

Here I am again! This is going to be a rather short review, just to warn you, because I need to go and sleep in like 30 minutes. :P

So first of all, I think this was a really good chapter like every other chapter in this story. It tied a lot of knots and explained a lot of things for me. Things that I would never even ask. The details in this chapter was just absolutely fantastic!

Just a bit of a typo you made. MMXLV = 2045, not 2065. You misplaced the X and L. Nothing big.

Hermys is an absolute elf. I gotta give it to him. My heart just melted when he thought that Harry was going to free him. The way I imagined the look on his was just so cute. Can I keep him? Wait, no. Keep him. I'll just abuse him, make him clean my room and do my homeworks and all. Hermione will not be pleased.

I found Fleur's words very encouraging and heart-warming. I'll admit, I never really liked her, but I can't deny the fact that she went through the same war with Harry, Ron and Hermione. She ought to have her own scars about it, and do it all over again...I give all my respects to her -to all of them. To all of them who fought this war.

Draco and Astoria's love makes the end a little bit better for me. I loved Draco even before this story, now I just love him more. I can't thank you enough for not letting me wonder endlessly about what had really happened after the war with the both of them. If you didn't tell us anyway, I would've hunted you down for it any who. You just saved me time and energy. ;)

I was really looking forward to Percy's 'reunion' with his family, but I don't think I'll ever see that. And though I'm a bit sad, I'll just have to let it go. I think the way you 'ended' his story is good enough. I do feel for him, the war has taken it's toll on him and it will take quite some time to get back on track, I wish all the best for him.

For what might be the hundredth time in this story, I cried again. I couldn't help it. It was just simply heart-breaking to sit here and read about Harry telling the Longbottom's about their son's death. And the fact that they don't really take it in makes it even more heart-wrenching if anything. You know, I never really thought that
the Alice and Frank will outlive Neville, yet here we are. It feels weird, I'll give you that.

Oh Rose. *sigh* She too suffered so much -too much. Gosh, I just hope that the future holds a lot better stuff for her. I like to think that Octavia and her will walk the same path of healing, and maybe -just maybe- that will make help the both of them heal a little bit faster.

And finally, Harry's wise words. You couldn't have put it much better, Dan. The portraits were right, some things that concern the war are better left unsaid.

It feels so weird you know, I'm only a chapter away from the ending yet it doesn't still feel like the end to me, maybe it just hasn't hit home yet. Maybe I'll have to go through reading chapter 41 first, then I'll finally realise and accpet that CoB has ended.

For now though, I'm going to sleep! I'll review chapter 41 tomorrow (and no stalling this time!),
Izzy xx ♥

Author's Response: Hi, dear! Sorry to take so long to respond. I've been on vacation and the hotel had terrible wifi. But I'm back!

The whole point of this chapter was to tie up some of the loose ends, so I'm glad it did that for you. As I looked back at the end of the story, there were just so many questions that I felt compelled to try to answer, but I didn't want to write half a dozen "dangling" one-shots. This seemed like a cleaner way.

I really need to get in and fix that date, so thanks for pointing it out. My one small consolation is that I got it right in the text and wrong in the author's note, not the other way around.

Have you heard about my charity auction for non-canon characters? You're the second to inquire after Hermys. There could be a bidding war brewing here! Octavia is still going to go for more than anybody, though. ;)

I thought Fleur was a good character to have that conversation with the youngest generation because she is so blunt, in general. She was also wounded rather badly in the battle and she might wind up losing some of her beauty because of it. Honestly, I also rather feel in love with Jami's characterization of her in that one-shot.

I really fell in love with the idea of Draco and Astoria as this aristocratic couple who were "starting over" in a sense. Almost like some of the wealthy, old southern plantation families after the U.S. Civil War. I definitely didn't want to leave the fans of these two hanging.

Percy is working his way back one step at a time, I think. Audrey is still struggling to understand exactly what happened to her husband and I'm sure Molly and Lucy feel the same way about their father. It's going to take time and time is the one thing that I'm out of for CoB. They'll figure it out, eventually. And when they do, just imagine the dinner parties Audrey will get to attend as the Minister's wife! ;)

Frank and Alice's story always has been one of the most tragic in the entire HP series. To be forced to continue to live the horrible, broken existence that they do... nobody should have to live that way. But this is the sacrifice that they made so that Neville could live in a better world, and I felt like allowing them any more of a response than the one, small "moment" that Alice and Harry share would have cheapened that sacrifice somehow. I was definitely tempted...

I think the future definitely holds better things for Rose, Octavia and Scorpius. But the journey isn't going to be easy. I sort of glossed over it here, but Octavia is going to have her own nightmares to overcome. I like to think that the family recovers together, and they emerge much stronger because of their mutual struggle to heal.

Professor McGonagall is still full of wise counsel, isn't she? And she has a good point. The world is full of too many gigantic, over-wrought speeches that try to say everything at once. Besides, I really ran out of ideas for anything else for Harry to say. ;)

I hope you slept well, for the past two days! Thank you so much for all of your wonderful, encouraging and thoughtful reviews!

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