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Review:Toujours Padfoot says:

HOW DO YOU DO THIS??? You just keep topping yourself over and over. Fair warning: This review's going to be awful and about none of it will probably sink in as much as it should since you've heard me gush loads of times over various stuff you've written, so even though I'm just sitting here dumbstruck, you're probably going to be all, "Yeah, yeah, you always say that," BUT TELLING YOU, WOMAN (while figuratively shaking your shoulders), THIS IS BRILLIANT.

Seriously, my brain was evenly divided into two thoughts throughout: one, of course was absorbed in the story, watching Harry accidentally use diffindo on Cho and write a letter to Sirius just for the excuse of having somewhere else to go to, and HIS BRAIN, MAN, HIS BRAIN. The ending was absolutely perfect, as well, with Ginny musing about what it would be like to be an owl - the perfect way to come full circle. So insane and fascinating and omg, so wonderfully done. Writing about a person who's slowly losing their mind is very hard. Not everyone can do that, can climb into a mind like that and portray it accurately and with such...feeling (seriously got goosebumps like you wouldn't believe, and coupled with Inception soundtrack, I felt like jumping out of my own skin); and then the other half of my brain was busy thinking over and over, "She needs to write an original fiction about this. She needs to bring this sort of thing to the rest of the world, not just the HP fandom." Because, like I said, not everyone is able to think this way. You are. It's a gift. I want to see this thoroughly explored. If I felt like unraveling just because of a one-shot, I can only imagine...just...and without the ToS, too...


And your language, of course, was so beautiful, and that made it all the more poignant. GOD I FEEL SO JUMPY NOW. But this was, of course, amazing - a wonderful example of your range as a writer and your particular gift with portraying mental illness in a way others cannot, not even (dare I say) JKR.

I want to jump right back into his mind and begin to itch all over again, and hear things that aren't there and see things that aren't there and do things I didn't mean to do.


Author's Response: AGHHH.HHH.HHH.HHH RIGHT BACK. ♥ How am I even supposed to tackle this?! It's like... nope. This is going to be so fail in exactly the way your review WASN'T. Heeere we go!

I think one of my favorite things about writing crazy people is that there are /so many/ ways to go, and even if you start to go one way you can totally flip things around in the middle. And nothing has to make sense because nothing IS sensible, and you can take so many liberties and just gah. It's a really freeing thing, writing the unstable mind. I love, love, love it -- and I'm so excited for psychology this semester, to explore how the mind works and everything and just LOVE. ♥

I would absolutely love to write an original fiction about insanity. Or even just include an insane character IN an original fiction, which actually isn't something I've considered before you mentioned it, but now that you have brought it up -- oh my gosh, I want to do it. And there's a sort of idea that I'm still working on but it might for for it and WHY ARE YOU SO BRILL. Seriously, stop inspiring me all over the place (except never stop).

Each story /feels/ different, you know? Like writing In The Red is different from writing Break Out, and this is different from both... but I'm so glad you liked this. So, so glad. :3 It's always iffy on who'll like these kinds of things, but you like psycho stories like I do and you really are just fab.


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