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Review:soliloquy says:
I forgot to talk about it in the last review. D'oh. But, I have to say that Lily warning her about Sev and his interests in the dark arts...and now this...I'm a little suspicious.

Because even though I bet Lily is doing this with good intentions to protect and whatnot, I still feel like it could stem from something a little more selfish. Do you think so? I bet you know so :P And I bet I'm just spouting gibberish. But I'm not sure I trust Lily completely yet. There's just..something about how...quickly she jumped on Beth to tell about Sev's dark side, you know?

True, she might actually be caring and worrying for Beth because she's a good person...but don't you think there might be a tiny, tiny, selfish reason of her wanting to be the only female in Sev's life? Idk. It just seems flattering to be the one being obsessed about and loved all the time, you know? Like, even though she shunned him and claims not to be friends with him anymore, it's still flattering that he wants to be her friend. That he just, wants her, flat out. And now that her 'position' I guess you could call it, is being threatened (even though Lily admits that she doesn't want to be friends with such an evil person/etc whatever)...she's willing to use his love of the dark arts to drive Beth away.

Like, killing two birds with one stone? 1) she remains the only one in Sev's life (as a female, I guess, both friend and love interest) and 2) she protects Beth from well, creepy dark arts stuff.

I don't know. Maybe I'm not making sense. :) It's just what I feel is happening. :P But I LOVE how you've written Dumbledore. It is very Dumbledore-esque, and very much true to canon Dumbledore from the books. :3

LOL. SNAPE WAS LIKE, THIS IS SO AWKWARD OMG. WHAT DO I DO. i can imagine that passing through his mind (because my imagination is crazy and I come up with the randomest thoughts...) and then bumping into the group like oH MY GOD. SHE CAUGHT ME LYING. -HIDES-

Too cute. :) I really love this story, Janechel. I'm getting way too invested. This can't be healthy. :3

Author's Response: I think your fears about Lily having any feelings for Sev can be quickly put to rest. :3 She might have some of that sort of, "Oh, he's not hung up on me anymore, what's that about?" sort of thing, but I don't feel like it's genuine, you know? And again you go with making me examine my characters in ways I haven't before! I love how you're analyzing Lily right now, because you're putting her in lights no one else has in 400 reviews. And that's something that's just pretty awesome to see. :)

Gahh, Dumbledore! He's fun to write, and at the same time, he's /difficult/. Although I do admit that I have a much, much harder time writing Voldemort (probably because we see so much less of him), and would write Dumbledore over Voldemort any day.

DID I NOT TELL YOU THAT SNAPE THRIVES ON AWKWARD. :3 I am honestly just so happy that you enjoyed the story this much. Like, I wrote the thing, so of course I love it... but it just makes it that much more awesome when other people do, too. ♥

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