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Review:Gaiapet says:
Okay, just give me two hours to drool and then I'll get back to this review. My life is dedicated to his collar bones.
Okay, I'm back. Wow.

Sneaking out was less thrilling than I thought it would be, considering I just opened the window, climbed out, and was back on the deck.
-I forgot Scorpius was still shirtless. That is all the thrill I need in my life. Stop being so picky, Rose.

“Care you enlighten me?”
“Put on a brave face, Gryffindor. I’ll let you figure it out for yourself.”
- I love the theme of Bravery and what it means to different people throughout this story. And I love that Scorpius knows what he is doing to help Rose figure it out.

The further I stepped, the darker it got until it became difficult to identify trees from boulders from Scorpius Malfoy.
- Scorpius is the one with the collar bones. The ones you could see even in death because they are the collar bones of an angel.

Scorpius Malfoy, who was not dark, but had the tall and handsome thing going for him.

“Did you really jump?”
“I really jumped.”
“Let me guess. Leap of faith?”
“Why are you skeptical of everything?”
I turned. His eyes were on mine, though it wasn’t easy to tell. My wand was at my hip. “I don’t see the point, I guess.” Was there one? Jumping off a cliff blind? Spending five hours in a stream with a net?
- I love how different the two of them are. Scorpius is a dreamer and has the soul of a philosopher but has to take on so much responsibility. Rose is always practical even though she is actually an artist. I love how they have the opportunity to explore themselves together and figure out who they are by examining themselves and each other. They learn from one another.

Never trust someone who asks you to trust them. Even with collar bones from heaven.

A moment later and there was a large splash beside me. Scorpius flipped his hair away from his face. I could tell he was grinning.
“It’s cold!” he announced, laughing.
- And that was the moment I fell in love with Scorpius. This chapter.

Rose should stop complaining about Scorpius being half naked. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

“Daddy’s girl?”
“You could say that.” I smiled. It was true. Since I was little I’d always gone on adventures with Dad, sitting atop his shoulders. We went everywhere together.
- Rose and Ron remind me of my father and me.

“Tell me about all of the brave things you’ve done since the sorting hat told you that you were a Gryffindor.” Scorpius was grinning again, that charismatic grin that ensnared so much of Hogwarts.
“I have stopped a puppy from digging up the garden at Grandmum’s,” I noted with a cheeky smile.
“Did you have a cape? You should have had a cape.”
“Will you make me a cape?” I asked.
Scorpius bit down on his bottom lip. “Scarlet and gold?”
“How about a nice rosy red?” I asked, nudging him back with my foot.

“Do you still like squid?”
“Are you still afraid of them?” I was impressed he remembered the conversation. I wondered if it had been on his mind for the better part of six years like it had mine. I was still trying to figure out exactly what he meant. I was plenty brave. Or maybe I wasn’t. What did he mean by girls should be brave and not boys?
He smiled almost sheepishly. “I told you we haven’t warmed to each other yet.”
“No.” Scorpius stretched his back and it popped. “No, I don’t. I’m usually pretty busy during the summer at home tending to…things. And at school...”
“Don’t want to catch a mermaid,” I teased. “Or a squid.”
“I can’t believe you remember that,” Scorpius said softly, kicking at the sand.
- So much in that passage right there. Humor, chemistry, foreshadowing, repetition of themes, perfect characterization of Scorpius, etc. Beautifully done. I love how much they have both thought about the talk in the boat. A 10 minute boat ride has stayed with them and meant so much.

“Worried about being robbed? Just lock your window at night.” He chuckled. Like he was really funny or something. “I don’t know, Rosey. Few kilometers? Want to borrow a measuring stick? It’ll give you something to do. Better yet, let’s have Hugo do it. He’s already being a pain this morning.”
- Ron. I love him. I'm not sure yet if I totally agree with how you portray Ron and Hermione, but I'm trying to figure it out. You do a very good job, but I want JK Rowling characterization here. You nail it with Malfoy. I'll let you know if Ron and Hermione for sure mesh with my idea of how they would be as adults. But Ron is hilarious.

“Hey, out of curiosity, are you still in contact with Mr. Malfoy?”
Dad looked over, his ginger brow raising. “I haven’t saved him from a fire recently, but we speak at events.”

Ron calls Rose: Turkey

Hugo, stop being so moody. It's irritating. This is why girls want to date older guys. They don't sulk as much.

That is the great thing about black bras. You can just use them as bathing suits.

I also want to know more about Rose's family and friends. Not necessarily as characters, but more small mentions like in this chapter.

Love everything about this story!

Author's Response: Your life is dedicated to his collar bones... well, I can't say I blame you there. Many a life has been lost at the hand of collar bones.

Bravery is definitely something that takes on a lot of different meanings throughout the story, whether spoken about or not. Gets rather deep.

Just never trust Scorpius Malfoy.

Rose and Ron remind me of my father and me as well. It's a great thing to have.

I hope I live up to your expectations for Ron and Hermione. In my opinion, which is obviously biased, I think they are spot on since they can't actually be the same people they were at 17. They've grown and matured and been through things that changed them as people, including having two kids. So I hope you jump on board :)

You'll see Ron calls Rose a lot of things...all related to food, actually.

thanks so much for the amazing review! So glad you're enjoying the story!

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