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Review:TenthWeasley says:
Can I just start out this review by saying HOW HAPPY I AM THAT YOU UPDATED. ♥ I've felt a severe hole in the center of my being that comes from being apart from Hugo and ghost Cedric for too long, and even then, I didn't realize how much I had missed them until reading this. It is the literal best.

I so admire the tone you set for this story -- it's funny and light and engaging and Wodehousian and I envy it with every fiber of my being. Truly, I never feel as though I've read enough when I read this story! 2,500 words say what?! You always, always, always leave me wanting more. Hugo is very quite possibly one of my favorite fan fiction characters of all time -- he's so endearing with his wit and lack of subtlety and social graces. When he pulled his robes up around his face, I had the biggest grin on mine. ♥ And his thoughts on frozen carrots, and his small rhyming monologue, and his need to distract Cedric... I AM IN LOVE. ♥ But honestly, Lily, I cannot ever tell you how much I adore that boy.

And so the team prepares to dive into the Third Realm! I do rather hope Hugo is up for the task. I'm sure he'll pull through, though, if his Quidropopot (I probably butchered that horribly) escapades have any merit to them. Ghost Cedric is prepared, at any rate, with all his buzzing about -- and maybe his temper will subside once they cross back over! Can I just say right now how much I adore him, too? Oh my gosh, he is. I cannot even. He and Hugo are tied in my heart because I cannot choose, but they are both absolutely spectacular. And I will also choose this moment to expound on Harry! You can write Harry SO well, I am so impressed!! He is somehow perfectly in character, and yes, you probably did get your eye-rolls from Hermione, Mr. Potter.

A few lines worthy of note:

He lurched forward, choking on some vagrant spittle. -- Best way to describe spit I've ever seen. And I just sort of curled in on myself with laughter at imagining it anew. :3

When Hugo was a child hed often thought hed gotten his green eyes from Uncle Harry -- I can't even get over how well you seem to know how children think. That's such a Hugo thing to say! Help, I am dying. ♥

but a look from Ghost Cedric put him at rest -- I am just picturing Cedric staring Hugo down with this intensely furious look right now, and I'm sorry, Ced, but it's about the funniest thing a mind can picture. PLEASE TEACH ME HOW TO WRITE HUMOR, THX.

Most of the time, when I say I ramble in reviews, it does actually end up turning less rambly than I thought at the onset. In reviewing this story, you see, all bets are off. ♥ I cannot even begin to expound your praises enough. I am so, so, so happy to have read another chapter of this story! FANTASTIC work!!


the literal best! see, things like that. can't take it! too much!!

to be honest, upkeeping the tone is a darn lot of work, and it's one of the reasons it takes me so long to procure chapters for this monster of a fic. and i'm sorry i can't produce more for you more quickly ;A;

it is crazy that you like hugo so much, although i do try to make him likable :P i need to read back through to see the thing about the carrots--gina mentioned it too and i have no idea what i actually wrote. which is probably a bad sign. HANNAH PROPOSED TO HIM AS WELL, you've got some competition!

you did the quidropopot justice. i honestly have no idea how i came up with that name or why i made it so hard to spell. i will say that cedric's temper /does/ have something to do with the afterlife and the realms and all that, but for humor's sake i can't guarantee that it will disappear :P i always think extra carefully about harry. there's a bit of room to play with him because in the books he ranges from passive to extremely heated to sassy to mild to powerful or in control. i try to read a bit of a book before writing him just to stay in check.

spit isn't worthy of hugo's flair for the dramatic! i have to spice up the little things ;)

bahaha just go over the top with a cherry on top! seriously, you're good enough at that yourself.

ARGH YOUR PRAISE IS TOO MUCH. thanks so much, i love receiving reviews from you :3 ♥

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