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Review:George Whitman says:
Hey momotwins! I've finally read this whole thing! It was way too short but good all the same.

I liked the dueling club, the uncertainty everyone feels with the rise of Voldemort and of course the characters we came to love in Unsinkable are still strong. Their development here was a masterstroke. Gideon and Fabian were entertaining as ever as they came away with a reverence for their older sister. Molly struggled with jealousy, hormones, and the idea of being a blood traitor while she let her strength at confrontation shine as she channeled it into dueling. We saw Cecilia and Reid seamlessly become an enjoyable couple after the uncomfortable relationship they had in Unsinkable. Hattie was as annoying as ever. Arthur and Siobhan didn't change much but they didn't have to as we've come to appreciate Arthur's unbending resolve and empathize with Siobhan's emotional insecurity. Petula matured and the whole group came along very well. Indeed we saw the men and women make connections among themselves and each other that were realistic and relatable as they faced a huge transition in their lives.

I loved that the Gryffindors won the Quidditch Cup undefeated for once and I like how Arthur was on the team for each . I've always thought that Rowling got lazy with the whole quidditch thing in the later books. She used the same gimmick to see Gryffindor win the Cup three times in a row. They lose a game and then "miraculously" win their other two by the correct margin to claim the cup. Meanwhile she finds some way for Harry to get injured or in detention to either miss the last game or the snitch during some game. Sure these events were exciting once but became a cheap thrill as we eventually saw Rowling discredit the competition to the point that there was no actual tension involved. This straightforward approach was much appreciated because you didn't insult us by pretending it could go any other way. Sorry about that rant. You can tell I'm a bit of a sports fan and was disappointed by Rowling's treatment of Quidditch.

I liked the idea of conflict between muggleborns and purebloods but I thought that it would be better represented by a pureblood closer to the main characters turning out in support of Voldemort's ideas if not Voldemort himself. The only time we see something remotely close is when Reid (I think) tries rather lamely to defend some of death eaters actions as nothing more than muggle baiting. Hattie has natural misgivings as she worries about the safety of her mother and encounters thoughts about prejudice for the first time but I suppose it makes sense that none of the major characters would lean towards Voldemort as they have friends that are muggleborn or closely related to muggleborns but still I was expecting some sort of moral betrayal that never came.

The development of a rivalry between Arthur, Molly, and Lucius was good to see, as was the quick cameo by Rita, but what happened to the burgeoning rivalry between Molly and Bellatrix that we so enjoyed in Unsinkable? It would have been good to see that come out more in the dueling club. My basic criticism of this piece is that as a sequel to Unsinkable it falls short. It lacks the filler that Unsinkable had to increase depth and it doesn't recover themes introduced in Unsinkable sufficiently. It felt like a rushed and uninspired chore to feed the desire of the masses for a sequel. While we were expecting a novel of similar length and depth that we got in Unsinkable, we got a mushy story of our beloved heroes going through the main plot points like a bullet list. I think you are the best fanfiction writer there is at capturing Rowling's style and matching her intent. In this case I was left slightly disappointed because I had extremely high expectations for this story as a sequel. However I still enjoyed what was there and crave ever more. Begging for more surely isn't the worst thing to see from a fan like me! Well done.

Author's Response: Nice to see you back, I haven't seen you reviewing in quite a while. I'm glad you enjoyed the story! I really loved writing this one, showing the gang maturing as they go through their final year at Hogwarts. The Quidditch in canon does follow the same path, yeah. I am not a sports person so I just made myself write it, you know?

Sorry that you didn't think it was as good as the original though. Most other reviewers have felt this was a better written and plotted piece than Unsinkable (which I mostly made up as I went along), so I'm sorry that you disagree with that. I'm pretty proud of this story.

Thank you for the review! I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on the story. :)

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