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Review:Cherry Bear says:
Hey there! Finally here with that promised review (: First of all, I have no idea why this doesn't have more reviews; it's such an unique, well-written story! And I don't think I can emphasize that 'unique' enough - I can honestly say I've never read a story about Scorpius the artist (or, at least, if I have, it's not good enough for me to remember right now...). I knew as soon as I'd read the first few paragraphs that your Scorpius was going to be interesting and original, because your observations of the Hogwarts' curriculum were just that. I've legitimately never thought about how Hogwarts lacks those typical extra classes, which is decidedly peculiar since it's the only real education most witches and wizards will receive.

But, anyway, back to the originality of your Scorpius, because there's a lot to be said about that (; He's not good at magic! And he's a Ravenclaw! But he was almost a Hufflepuff! Aaaah non-cliche bliss. And the fact that he'd pretended he wasn't really Draco and Astoria's child was pretty fantastic, too. Overall, I'd say you did an excellent job characterizing Scorpius in this first chapter. I especially liked the realism of his interview with the Headmistress - maybe because I can relate so much to planning everything that I want to say and then choking on the words hehehe.

The only thing that I found even mildly off about this was the beginning. Don't get me wrong: I loved your descriptions - as I said before, this entire chapter was very well-written - but, at the end, I sort of felt like you had spent a bit too much time introducing Scorpius' past. You divulge everything in about ten or so chunks of writing and it is a bit overwhelming. I understand that it would probably be challenging to intersperse that information with the action of the story (especially when you leap right into his interview for the teaching position) but I think that would make it a lot easier to get truly pulled into the story. For me, the introduction was sort of a bitter pill to swallow. Excessive amounts of apologies if I've offended you in any way with this criticism, though! I think you're an excellent writer and everything about this story is, of course, your prerogative.

That minor criticism aside, I think what most intrigued me about this story was what Scorpius touched on in his interview with the Headmistress - about why art is important. I think that's a question that every type of artist - author, painter, potter, whatever - struggles with at some point. Or, at least, I know that I've personally struggled with that question. And I'm legitimately excited to read more of this story and to see you hopefully touch on that question more, because I think it's pretty darn relevant (: And, alright, I'm also pretty excited to see Scorpius actually attempt to teach a class of kids only a few years younger than him teehee.

Not really much else for me to say here except good work, and apologies for this long rambling review. I can't wait to see how you incorporate the Perks of Being a Wallflower quote into this story :D

Cherry Bear

Author's Response: hello! thanks for popping by, your review is absolutely fab :D

I'm really glad you say that - I've wanted to write this story for what feels like forever, but I've never quite come around to it until now, when a series of RL events just spurred me to write it. artist!scorpius is sort of my headcanon, mostly because the first characterisation I wrote of him was heavily based on myself (eek, that's awkward) and so I've sort of burdened his character with my own artsy leanings in pretty much every fic. yeah, it always disappointed me as a kid how hogwarts didn't teach the things I was good at (art, music, english lit) when I was still convinced it was real and I would be going there. so I've had a determination for a while to build a version of hogwarts that could legitimately have a place for the arts.

again, just my headcanon scorpius showing up as usual, haha! I think I've put him in every house except gryffindor now, haha. eek, yes, interviews. I had a couple for art schools this year and I have no idea how I got through them, my mind was completely empty.

ahh, I'm glad you actually pointed that out - I had my doubts about this first chapter too because, even though this idea had been rattling around my head for years, I'd never been able to put it into words until now. I think my main concern was that the premise is so instantly strange - art at hogwarts - that I had to explain a lot of it away, especially scorpius' character. fandom has pretty much accepted the version of him as a sexy, smarmy hunk as canon, so I guess I wanted to establish mine as quickly as possible...I don't know, haha! mostly it was to do with the plot. but I can really see why it would be a bit heavy and I'll take that into consideration for later chapters.

oh, me too. the school I went to was very science-oriented and I had a hard time explaining to people why my subject was as valuable as theres - the art department that ~nurtured~ me was much abused, which was partly why I wanted to write this (scorpius is just a fictionalised, diluted version of my two art teachers and what happened to them, haha). I hope I can touch on it again, haha! I jumped on your challenge right away because perks is a fab book and I'd been thinking about writing a sort of ~self discovery~ story for ages and, well, this is it. plus artists are tortured types by nature - I should know; I am one, and I'm set to spend the next five years surrounded by them ;A;

thank you so much! it was a really lovely review :D the quote...argh, I really hope I can get to that chapter in time for the deadline, but it comes a lot later than I'd hoped. I have a lot of characterisation to get out of the way first, haha.

thank you for reviewing! ♥

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