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Review:manno_malfoy says:
Oh yay! Another beautiful and heartbreaking chapter, I'm not even sure I'll be able to translate my feelings into words. But I shall try!

First of all, I love the aspect of Lily being a Prefect. It really seems to fit her personality, which I can't help but continue to adore. I also love how this chapter incorporated the point of view of both Lily and Regulus! We've seen the day start differently for the two of them and intertwine towards the end, and you've paced the events leading up to that moment very skillfully!

I can't help but admire the way you make Lily feel whenever she sees Snape or he's mentioned in front of her, how she lost her appetite at the thought of him. It's really sad! It's also nice to see that her friends seem to understand her agony and they tiptoe around the matter and try their best not to bring Severus up.

Despite that, I like how it's hard for Lily to just cut Severus off from her life. It's not that easy to stop caring about someone who has been your friend for such a long time; and you made that apparent in the last part, where she seemed to be worried about him and she was 'smiling' at him. I don't think I've told you this before, but I really do love Snape/Lily and you write it so well it makes me want to cry.

Again, I really admire how you include classes in your chapters, and how you show us how classes go for both, Lily, as you did in the last chapter, and Regulus in this chapter. It really is entertaining!

As for Wilkes, I suppose that, maybe, he's got that Ron feel to him. Nonetheless, I don't think I would've noticed anything at all if you hadn't pointed that out in the review! I like his attitude, though; he's just your typical teenager!

I also like how the acquaintanceship between Severus and Regulus is evolving. Slowly, we see them communicate more. Severus is slightly relying on Regulus for company and Regulus is relying on Severus for Potions tips, and I really enjoy the exchanges between them.

The fight scene was quite thrilling too! It was surely something to expect. Stupid Severus always attracting Marauder trouble... all to just see Lily. It really hurts to think about!

As always, you've managed to write a marvellous chapter and I am eager to see what's to come in the next chapter! Re-request whenever you like and keep on writing!


Author's Response: Hi Manno! Thanks for coming by again :)

I'm happy that you support my choice of making Lily a Prefect and enjoyed watching her path collide (quite literally, I guess) with Regulus's.

It's great that you like the Lily/Severus interaction, too. I'm always happy to meet a fellow Snily fan (I would really and truly go down with that ship) and I think what you said is probably the most flattering thing I have ever heard, or at least close to it. Thank you! In my mind, Lily would still be feeling the freshness of her wounds and have trouble just cutting him out, because parts of him still seem like her friend, even among the parts that seem like a different person to her. I also think it says a lot about how I view Lily - it's too painful and difficult for her to just get rid of him like that, and I imagined that it would have bothered her probably until the day of her death, or at least until her marriage to James. I don't think she ever would have been able to get rid of him. In fact, you could even say that his memory infected her, in the sense that she held her pain inside and allowed herself to feel discomfort instead of pushing all of it onto him (or anyone else she loved). Okay, I've gone on way to long, but you can see that I've thought a lot about Lily/Snape :)

I'm pleased that you liked the other characters, too. You're right in that I wanted it to seem like, at this point, Regulus and Severus are basically using each other in their friendship. I don't think it will stay that way, though :)

I'm glad that the use of classes and the fight scene worked for you, too. I've tried to work on including some of those favorite and treasured elements of most Marauder stories while still staying far away from the cliches.

Thanks for another fabulous review!


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