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Review:CloakAuror9 says:
That. Was. Intense.

Wow. This chapter was so packed with actions and emotions, in a way it's kind of mind-blowing.

Harry's thoughts were killing me through-out the story. They were just so dark and scary, it's like all the happiness, joy and all good things in him were getting sucked out by the war. Maybe it is. *shrugs* Harry's fury was just so scary. The way he snapped wasn't something I expected at all, but I really should've it coming! Considering what had just happened in the last few chapters. I must admit though, I kind of enjoyed seeing him 'snap' because we rarely get to see his dark side and it's also written well so what's not to like?! And also, I know Nott kind of had the legilimens thing coming for him, but I can't help but feel sorry for him. :

Though, the way he doesn't really think before he acts frustrates me a lot -it always has, anyway. On that point, (and I know I've said this like a million times before) I thought your characterisation of all the characters, especially Harry, always seem so real and very canon. They might be all grown-up in this story, but the trio is still the same and I like the fact that you do that.

"Ever since Ginny died. All I've wanted was to be with her again." And cue the tears. (Have you ever noticed how much you make me cry? Esme, Neville and this! I don't even know how I'm going to react to the end.) I think somewhere inside all of the readers we've always known that it's what Harry has always wanted, but for Harry to say it out's just completely heart-wrenching.

Ron is a really great guy, punching sense into his friend like that! It's great to know that he still very much cares for Harry after all that has happened -not that I expected him not to, or anything. And so did Hermione, man their friendship really goes a long way.

I love how Draco had a chance to be a part of this chapter! His scenes might have been small, but his little 'stunt' (I don't know what else to call it.) with Harry was really nice. I really enjoyed reading about Draco, you should totally write something about him. *cough* hint *cough*. (I don't know why, but I kept on feeling as if I was reading Drarry scenes! Is that weird or what?)

I realise that I talked a lot about Harry on this chapter and I'm really sorry about that! I would've talked about the other characters as well, but my lunch time has ran out! I'm going to catch up with the story this week, I hope!

Izzy xx
(I hope the review made sense!)

Author's Response: Izzy's back! Yay! So excited to see you!

I'm really glad that the intensity of the chapter came through. All of Harry's anger and grief really peak in this one. Everything that he's been through culminates in a single moment where he no longer cares about his own life or the lives of the Blood Order wizards. He is determined to find some sort of closure, and whether he saves Octavia or dies trying doesn't matter much to him. It's a very dark place.

His behavior also represents a tipping point for Ron, who just can't look the other way any longer. It all comes together for Ron in that one moment, when he finally realizes what's been going on with Harry. I think he had an idea after Harry almost apparated into mid-air during the ambulance chase way back in chapter 25, but this one removed all doubt.

And this leads to one of the story's big moments for the trio. All of them have struggled to some degree to deal with their grief over Ginny's death. Harry's difficulties are fairly well known to the other two, although they didn't understand the full extent. Hermione was aware of Ron's guilt, but not the true depths of it. And neither Ron nor Harry knew about Hermione's broken lunch date on the day Ginny died. An awful lot of things finally made it out into the open.

I'm pleased to say that Draco will be with you until the end. His role is actually rather important. The next project I'm planning to post is actually a Draco-centric story. Two chapters are already written, although they need some revision.

It's understandable that there's a lot of focus on Harry. This is, after all, mostly his story.

Again, it's so very nice to see you. I hope that everything calms down in your life and you find that elusive balance you've been searching for. Thanks so much for all of your amazing, detailed, thoughtful reviews!

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