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Review:hdawg says:
THE LAST CHAPTER. NOOO :'( how will I live without le Scorp in my life? I might just have to write my own one-shot with such a 'swaggy' Scorp. And I will owe it all to you, you wonderful human being you.

These are the best sentences so far: "I am a lady of the night, a man of the moon. Why dost thou dare to hide thine self from thee? Figurative yelling!" If I was half as witty and funny as you, I would be crying with happiness all the time.

"You have no legs, and if you did, you would not have the kind of legs that would look good in high-heeled shoes." However Scorpius' legs look wonderful in high heels. I should know, he wore mine ;)

"Someone has to hold you all the time in order for you to function. I do not take orders from instruments that are constantly snogging people to insure survival." I have never thought about things in this way. We should tell Annie that her instruments are merely using her to stay alive. We should break it to her gently though, or she may get upset ;)

Please never leave me: "I detest you because I have not taken de test at the end of the year like I was supposed to, the one you are supposed to complete before the Sarah money. No one has congraduated me all day and it is not thoroughfare. I will not sit for this! Which explains why I am standing!" I can't explain the emotions I am feeling reading this. It's like I'm discovering new things about words that I never looked at before. This is a wonderful adventure with Scorpius. Maybe he should write his own dictionary, consisting of words he doesn't know and what he thinks they mean. That would be great before-bed reading material, I feel.

I adore you: "My body is half-man and half-boy. The left half is man and the right half is boy. This is why I only have to shave one armpit." This leads to lots of hilarious imaginings, and I wish I could draw so that I could draw what I am thinking.

"My cat at home would be purring loudly. My father would still be on his business trip that he left for two years ago. I would be staring at my magnificent muscular armor like everyone else, because when I woo everyone I also woo myself. It is the curse of being so woo-able." Okay, you just added something that makes me feel things for Scorpius, that his dad has left home :( I knew there was a reason he was like this! (or am I making things up to explain this wonderful character?)

"I am wearing a glittery jumpsuit." OHMYGOD IT'S LETTUCE FROM 'STARVING ARTISTS'.

AHAHAHA: "Professor Sprout's eyes are large. I make mine larger. She cannot win this duel!" I love how everything is a competition with him. Basically, I love him. I think you might have gathered that a few chapters ago.

This has been the most wonderful experience and I am adding this to my list of favourites. I wish I had half the amount of wit and imagination as you, Sarah, because this is not only hilarious, but is told unbelievably well for a story with such a disjointed protagonist.

I love thee most ardently.


Plz write a swaggy Scorp. There needs to be more swaggy Scorp out there, floating around in cyberspace with sparkly sunglasses and three shirts instead of one because what if he accidentally loses one of his shirts while he's building a rope ladder? I have decided to stop making sense today. Chicken nuggets!

LE SCORP DICTIONARY. I feel like this would be enlightening for all mankind.

P.S. I want to see that illustration. Extra shadowing on the armpit.

Poor Scorp. His father pretended to leave home just to get rid of him but didn't actually go anywhere. He just hides on a different floor of the house. BAD DRACO, BAD.

The world is a competition and Scorp is winning because Scorp cannot lose. He cannot lose because he wears three shirts and so he cannot lose all of them at once because that doesn't make any sense, particularly cents because he once found a Sickle and he ate it on accident. Except not really because he thought it might be a Chocolate Sickle.


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