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Review:water_lily43175 says:
I will go through and re-review previous chapters here, SOMEWHEN. I think I was very potty-mouthy when reviewing this fic, and there are a fair few missing. But never fear, they will be left eventually. But firstly, this bad boy! As I have said, it does seem RIGHT that our guys didn't fight in THIS battle. Because they fought in their own, AND broke into Azkaban, and it would indeed have been Too Much. I love that Urquhart was one of the Slyths that came back. I've said that before too. Would love to read his story at some point if you ever DID get the urge.

I love Harry so much here. Gets up to let Toby have his seat, and grabs another one for himself. I LOVE THIS KID. I like Toby/Tanith/Cal/Gabe interactions with Harry that aren't shrouded by the Gryff/Slyth thing. EXCITED FOR UNCONVICTUS TANITH/HARRY-NESS.

I seriously love this chapter, and all the discussions about What To Do Next. So right that Kingsley takes over initially, and I love that Harry's concern is over people agreeing with him for the Right reasons. Vaughn would be an amazing Minister, for the sheer lulz, but then he wouldn't be in the Auror department which would be sad come Uncon time and would also cock up Renaissance a lil bit. DIMITRI FOR MINISTER. Drinking gin every day would become a legal requirement. Or Russian vodka. Either suits me fine.

I love how picky Toby is about the Prophet/the Midnight Press. And how Vaughn finds it unnecessary. But Toby is so right, even if it is such a Tobyish thing to worry about.

I love how Jen sums up Gabe. Because I find it hard sometimes to get my head around him. But she just GETS him. Or he LETS her get him. They are so so perfect for each other, it's hard to believe that Jen's role was accidental!

So, yes. Love this chapter. Tie-ups, plans for the Ministry's future, hints at things to come in Uncon. Now all that's needed is our four's tie-ups and plans for the future ... ;)

Author's Response: I do owe you some old reviews in return. Clearly these chapters were so exciting you lost your mind and control of your tongue. Yes, I'll choose to make it a compliment!

Certainly it would have been a gratuitous and 'for the sake of it' if the last chapter had then moved on to fighting in the reinforcements at Hogwarts. There was nothing which needed adding, and there was nothing wrong with building up the idea that there was fighting elsewhere, even if it wasn't as epic as at Hogwarts itself. They had their achievements and their fights and it also helps lend some broader scope to the world, I think/hope!

I can never tell what I'll choose to write in the future. I think Urquhart's story will remain untold (and he'd have only ever been a secondary character anyway) but he does get some minor cameos in Unconvictus, if that helps.

Harry IS a sweetheart here. I love writing post-Voldemort Harry, I think he'd just be so down-to-earth - once you've killed a Dark Lord, what's to be worried about? So of COURSE he gives the guy who's struggling to stand his seat. Even if that makes poor Toby feel pretty embarrassed. But Harry will continue to be awesome, I hope.

I did enjoy writing the meeting, figuring out how they reach all these decisions we take for granted - like Kingsley as the Minister. Kingsley is also a character we'll see more of. Vaughn would NOT make an amazing Minister, he'd be an AWFUL politician - he's too uncompromising and blunt, which might be personal virtues but in politics he'd make too many enemies he could easily AVOID antagonising and not do too well at getting things done. But that makes him a pretty exceptional head of the Auror Office. But yeah, see how he doesn't get the importance of the free press, even if Toby is being rather nitpicky in his principles - this is stuff a politician must care about. To be Minister, Vaughn would have to give up too much of his Vaughn-ness.

Jen does Get Gabe. And yes, it's a lot because he let her, and it was down to circumstances that he let her - the war made him want to believe in something, and she was what he wound up believing in (I mean, he believed in her because she's awesome, but there's a reason he didn't care about her before). Reading old stuff makes it hilarious to see those two interact - you can tell I didn't plan it, because there are LESS THAN ZERO seeds, unless you count Gabe getting himself beaten up by Nick and Cormac because he made bad jokes about her.

But yes, last chapter's in the queue, and Part 4 of the Trilogy will come along soon! Thanks for re-reviewing!

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