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Review:Toujours Padfoot says:


I like how James regards Frank, as a sort of paternal figure, someone to emulate. It makes so much sense that even though Frank isn't that much older than James, he would be unconsciously searching for someone a little older, with a little more experience, to store in the corner of his mind if he ever needed someone to go to for something.

Sirius's brain. Oh my lord. And Sirius's brain through the eyes of James - I just want to hug Sirius so much. And I know I was all -stern eye- at James for inwardly bashing Siribeth, but when he explained his queasiness and how it was due to Sirius imitating that Beth was over Severus and ready to move on, everything made sense. So now I can't help but giggle at these three points of views - Beth, who of course hasn't got a clue, she's just trying to not be found out that she's speaking to Severus again. Obviously she doesn't have eyes for anyone else, least of all Sirius. And then we've got Sirius, whose whole world is capable of turning upside-down when a platonic female friend of however many years turns up out of the blue and sleeps on his sofa. THAT'S ALL IT TAKES FOR HIM TO FORM IDEAS. Oh my, Beth. Look at what you've done, and you don't even know you've done it. And finally we've got James, who is reminding me more and more of Harry, and I didn't even realize it until just now. It reminds me of HBP when Harry, Ron, and Hermione are in Herbology and Hermione and Ron are bickering and Harry's like oh noes, I can see where this is going, and he tries to be loud on purpose so that he won't have to hear any of their embarrassing pleasantries, and he just wants to stay out of it but he's also worried about how this will affect him.

Feeling a bit sorry for James now, in that department, though he's probably long forgotten it. HARRY AND NEVILLE. ERMEHGERD. HARRY AND NEVILLE, AND SUDDENLY EVERYTHING BECOMES SO REAL AND OH MY GOD JAMES AND LILY, YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED. This means I have a timeline now. Before, time felt kind of vague and it was easy to go on pretending that they had years and years left to live, but now Harry is there, the human ticking time bomb, and I am not ready to let his parents go so that he can have his story.

I am not ready for that in the least.

I am feeling very panicky all of a sudden. I've gotten so attached to your James.

Remus. ♥ The glimpse of him here was lovely. I DEMAND TO SEE MORE REMUS. I like his remarks - he's quite witty and so down-to-earth, and I can imagine him here so well. Also Benjy, eee, canon faces.

SIRIUS. SIRIUS. SIRIUS. ♥ I believe you are already well acquainted with my feelings on this front, but let me reiterate that I ADORE EVERY WORD THAT COMES OUT OF THAT MAN-BOY'S MOUTH, and his doglike tendencies, and I'm pretty sure he has ADD, and his talking on and on about Beth, and I cannot discuss him without using run on sentences. Fact. Love him.

I want to ramble more but my wrists are killing me. :(


Author's Response: YET AGAIN, I AM AT A LOSS.

I definitely see Frank as a sort of paternal figure to all the Marauder boys, though of course he's bound to interact with a few of them more than others. And I kind of see Alice mentoring Beth and Lily, too, which is strange -- I'm not sure where that characterization comes from, but it really does fit my mental picture of them. We'll roll with it!

Laughing forever at your analysis of the three of them. ♥ That's so accurate! I'm expecting you to talk some major sense into Sirius right now, by the by, because he's acting kind of like an idiot. Except he's also kind of stubborn, so he probably won't listen to you. I know exactly what you're referencing as far as the Trio goes, too! Oh my goodness, that's perf. I've got the biggest smile on my face right now. :D Mostly because I'm imagining Harry saying, "Oh, noes!" and trying to slink out of his seat, and it's a v. hilario image. ♥

No timelines, please, I'm horrible at them with this story. -shifty look- It is weird, though, that you can kind of count down to the end... I don't want to think about what's going to happen at the end of these stories. I think I'll just curl up in a corner for a few days.

REMUS. ♥ I wish I'd included him more in the story when I began planning everything out, because he's loads of fun to write. It's hard giving him a massive part now, of course, because everything's all set up. -___- He does have a bit of a star moment at the end of book three -- well, no, not a star moment, but he's there...

I write Sirius for you. Fact, fact, fact. ♥ And I've said it before but I just feel like you should be reminded every now and again.

GET WRIST BRACES, YO. FOR BOTH WRISTS. Gahh, your reviews are love. Like. I can't even. Just thank you so much!!

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