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Review:CambAngst says:
Hello, again! Awesome to see another chapter posted!

I'm really falling in love with this idea of Snape, the Career Counselor! It makes me giggle. Even when he's trying to help his students, he insults them.

"Sometimes her reassurances made her feel worse than her original worries." - Brilliant!

There was one paragraph right near the beginning where your writing got a little rough before you settled down into your usual, smooth rhythm:

-- "... she refused to contact resend her applications..." - strike 'contact'

Her vigil in the dining room was the first sad note in a chapter that quickly turned very troubled and introspective for Pansy. All of her little rationalizations and equivocations were humorous in a way, but also left me feeling for her. She really has no idea how these things work in the real world.

The rejection from the Quibbler was quite a splash of cold water. I can easily imagine either Luna or Xeno penning the letter, although I think it's more fun to imagine Luna. The frightening thing is that Luna -- lacking a dishonest bone in her body -- probably actually believed that Pansy's presence would upset the Humdingers. Somehow that makes the whole affair more sad to me.

I really liked her, well, her reflections on the significance of her reflection. It's strange to read about her being so frank with herself about this fairly obvious manifestation of her diminished mental condition. As the chapter wore on, however, and her desire for an end to her isolation became more and more apparent, it all made a lot of sense.

One thing that did feel a bit odd was that it took her several days to confide in her reflection about her rejection letter. Perhaps that's simply her "trust nobody" attitude coming through, but given her thoughts on how she was able to open up and share things with her reflection, the timing seemed a bit protracted. Then again, if I think about it a different way, it seems symptomatic of her need for control and confidentiality. At any rate, I wanted to be sure and mention it.

Her reflection was strangely sympathetic, given that it's been rather aloof at some points in the past. The way that it reaches forward and touches the glass was an uncharacteristically warm moment for a Parkinson. And, as quickly as Pansy feels somewhat reassured, her reflection is gone. Completely consistent with the pattern you've been building and the causality.

When she yearns for the simplicity of a dog's life, and sees just a hint of her reflection in the dining room window, I thought that was another telling moment. That room has begun to feel as much like a prison to her as her own chambers, it seems.

So it seems like the Ministry Archives will be her destination, at least for now. It should be a very interesting first day of work, assuming this all works out!

Author's Response: Thanks once again for reviewing! I love reading your reviews!

I know what you mean about Snape being of career counselor- he's definitely not the ideal person to fulfill the job. But due to his position as Head of House he's the logical choice... However unfortunately.

Thanks for pointing out the rough paragraph and the extra word- sometimes I stop writing in the middle of a paragraph or even a sentence to jump to write an idea I just had, and it can be tough to regain the rhythm of the passage.

Yes, Pansy is truly incapable of functioning in the world. She's trying her best, though with the knowledge she's lacking and the beliefs she refuses to abandon it's tough for her to react in the manner that most people would.

When I wrote the letter I was imagining that Luna actually did mean what she said. I believe that her thoughts were along the lines that Pansy's an odd person who would disturb the Humdingers.

Yes, Pansy is desiring an end to her isolation. However, whether or not she'll be able to actually make a true relationship is still up in the air- she has a plan in mind and, to her, that takes precedence to her feelings. But as we all know, feelings don't always follow the path we want them to...

I have two reasons for the gap in time. The first reason behind the gap is that her reflection hasn't been showing up regularly. Her reflection doesn't appear every single time that Pansy walks into her chambers. Even if Pansy's shaken mental state should have indicated that her reflection would appear, as you said Pansy doesn't like to immediately confide in others. She wants to feel in control and she would have been very angered and frustrated that, supposedly, the Lovegoods had "gotten one up on her". However, Pansy eventually felt upset enough that her reflection was able to appear.

Her reflection was unusually warm towards Pansy in this chapter, I definitely agree with you on that. However, her reflection does want Pansy to succeed (most of the time, at least) and she was, perhaps, reflecting Pansy's desire for her isolation to end.

Pansy will soon be out of her prison, at least for the hours that she's at work. But first she has to obtain a job... And yes, you're correct in that her current destination is the Ministry Archives. Her first day of work is coming up soon!

Thanks once again for reviewing! The next chapter should hopefully be up in a week's time.

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