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Review:dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap says:
Hey there! Dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap here with your requested review. What a super long awaited chapter! I've been waiting for this update for quite some time so I don't know how helpful I'll be. I'm a bit biased when it comes to this story.

His mind wandered to thoughts of his younger brother, and he wondered how Regulus was faring. Thinking of his more delicate sibling made the ache in his heart bloom like the flowers in his mother's garden in spring.

^ I'm glad you haven't forgotten about Regulus. I'm a bit sympathetic to his character, more than Sirius's, because he's younger and really doesn't know what's going on. Sirius is going to become a mere memory to him if his brother doesn't show up anytime soon and I think he'd be easily corrupted without him. I really can't blame it on him though because he's young. I also can't blame Sirius either. You make it so hard to cheer for one or the other. I want to root both of them on but then there's something inside of me that's pulled towards Sirius because I know I'm supposed to really be focused on him.

I really liked the imagery here though. Comparing a blooming flower to his delicate brother was really nice. Painted quite a portrait for me.

But he remembered the utterly wild look that had possessed Remus at his seemingly innocent question, and he was frightened.

^ Ah. I like what you did here. I've grown somewhat tired of James and his slight attitude towards Sirius. I understand he doesn't trust him and really he shouldn’t but the distance is kind of shocking to me. I would think James of all of them would have made Sirius feel welcome. Remus of course would too, obviously, but considering his condition I think he would be extremely wary and turns out he’s not as wary as James.

I like that you had Sirius fear him for a moment, afraid of the way Remus snapped at him almost like a monster. He actually thought he was a monster at that point and I've never given it a thought as to maybe when he first found out about Remus or any of the other boys there could have been fear or doubt in their heads.

I thought it was sweet, heartwarming even when the two shook hands and declared themselves friends. Really innocent at that moment, you stuck with the characterization of an eleven-year-old boy and not someone much older.

and it was only then did Cissy notice with a start that her sister had come to the celebration barefoot.

^ For some reason calling her 'Cissy' irks me but it works for her age. I hate to see it when she’s much older because it sounds childish to me. I liked Bellatrix though. I thought she was fun and had some attitude about her that wasn't at all in the 'crazy' zone. I think a lot of people like to make Bellatrix appear crazy all the time but I think she wouldn't have been as sinister until her stint in Azkaban.

She needed a man

^ Who doesn't?

I may seem like a bully, but sometimes you have to be mean to get what you need to stay alive. I may say things that will hurt you, but it's only so you'll grow some thicker skin, toughen up. Don't be afraid to be aggressive, kid.

^ Okay. Okay. So I suppose I have to retract my James statement from above. Seems he is rather nice. I think what he said speaks a lot about his character but also of what he has been through. He acts much older than he really is. At first I thought that maybe he was fifteen instead of thirteen, verging on sixteen but more than anything I have a question.

Sirius can't do magic, right? Or it seems that none of the others do and only James has a wand - correct me if I'm wrong. So, is that going to mean something in the story? Because it seems to me that it's rarely mentioned concerning the boys and I understand why but it also makes me question how James knows how to do magic and why he can or why he has a wand.

I really don't have any CC and I only have that one question I posted above. I think you're advancing the story, or at least the characters because right now it seems like the same thing is still happening in the chapters. I think we're slowly creeping towards the climax of the story so there's not much to comment on right now.

Thanks so much for requesting. If you have any questions/concerns feel free to PM me.

- Deeds

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