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Review:Aphoride says:
Oh my gosh. I really don't know what to say. I'm pretty speechless right now, but I'll try and find something to say.

Right. Remus... oh gosh.. he's perfect. He's so young and so adorable - the whole bit where he's talking about how he's three and Daddy says three's small but he thinks it's big is just so cute. The way you've written this is incredible - I have a cousin around Remus' age and I can just imagine them talking to me like this. Although, you know, hopefully not saying this story.

The tale of the gnome - I just loved it. Just loved it. It explains so much about Remus, you know - where he got the whole idea of being a killer from and why he fought so hard against the wolf, because he'd been fighting against the idea of being a killer for so long. Gah, poor Remmy! I just want to hug him!

Also, I adored the character of his dad. He was fabulous - so realistic and so utterly dad-like, if you know what I mean :D The tears, the anger, the smiles - they were always, always perfectly in character, perfectly timed and just perfect. They fitted in so well with the story and really added so much more to the story that I, as the reader, can understand but Remus can't, which makes it just so much more heart-breaking.

I thought the way you had Remus' dad explain death to him, with the idea of a soul, was really very bittersweet. Sweet because it's just the right way to explain something so complicated to a small child, and bitter because, well, he shouldn't need to be explaining it, really. In a perfect world, it wouldn't have been necessary - but it's not a perfect world because it's Remus and his whole story is just so beautifully tragic and you've started it so, so well.

I'm looking forward to the rest of this so much - this will be being added to my favourites as soon as I've finished writing this. Gah, so incredible. So, so good!

And Seamus Heaney is win. Just saying!

Aph xx

Author's Response: FINALLY!!! Finally someone acknowledges the Seamus Heaney quote! YES! Thank you so much for that! I am so glad you liked the quote! I love Seamus Heaney - he's my favourite poet! I actually got to meet him about three yeas ago and I actually cried afterwards! That could only be topped by meeting JKR!!!

Anyway, thank you so much for your review! I am so happy you liked the way I captured Remus here. I wasn't sure if people would go for it or not (I was kinda afraid that all the grammar mistakes would get annoying, but that does not seem to be the case - thank Merlin!!!). I am so glad you think it's realistic and that you think your young cousin would sound the same! I spent a very long time trying to get the voice right, so just to hear that you think it's authentic really makes my day - thanks so much! :-)

I am relieved that you liked the gnome idea. When I sat there writing it, I had to stop and take a step back for a few moments. I thought that maybe it was a bit too dark, you know? But life is dark at times, so I just felt I had to go with it - yes, you're right in what you say about Remus not wanting to be a killer. In this whole fic I just want to capture his whole life - and how his life experience made him who he was, you know? I want to provide reasons why he left Tonks, why the Marauders' friendship meant to so much, why he struggled on when he was alone, why he got involved in the order, why he was so severely self-depricating. So I'm glad you are picking up on little stuff like that!

I am so glad you liked Remus's dad too! Because I didn't really have much to go on with him, just that he insulted Greyback and tried everything to heal his son, so he's mostly an original character and just to know that you find him believable and convincing it just great - thanks so much for that!

I'm glad you thought the chapter was bittersweet - because it sets the tone for the whole novel, as you said, everything in Remus's life will be bittersweet, because we all know that once he finds a small grain of happiness in life, death will take it from him. So bittersweet is what I am aiming for here, because his life is so tragic, and I just want to capture it as best I can. I want to do justice to Lupin, because he's my favourite character, because I love him so much, because I geniunely feel he deserves a book of his own, to tell his story, because the films never EVER did him justice.

Thanks so much for the review, I appreciate it so much! I hope you enjoy the rest of the story, and thank you so much for adding it to your favourites - that just leaves me speechless, because I still can't believe that people actually like this story!

Thanks so much for all the kind things you said - I really REALLY hope you enjoy the rest of it, and there's much more to come too. I just hope I don't disappoint!


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