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Review:Alex says:
Okay, i'm determined to make this review as long as can be, because I think you deserve and extra long one! I love this story with all of my heart. It's the first one I ever read on this site, and it's the only WIP story that I care to check up on everyday. Now, I just now reread the entire story for the 7th time. And I was reading the first couple chapters and I remembered that Kristy read all the Harry Potter books, and knows what happens in every single one of them. So I figure she'll know the exact day that James and Lily die. Now, I don't know how far you want to take this story, but since Kristy knows James and Lily are gonna die soon, I reckon that'll be a couple of kick ass chapters! I'm so happy that Sirius kissed Kristy at the end of this. I cannot imagine what the Marauders will have to say in the morning, but I reckon that'll be a huge conversation. I wonder if they can beat around the bush and make Leigh think that Remus isn't a werewolf for a bit longer? I'm sure she wouldn't care to much. If she was born and raised a pureblood and ended up believing in equality for all, I think this won't be a big deal for her. Alice would probably be mad though. I would too! Be friends with ALL of them for seven years and they not trust you with that secret? I talk about these people as if they're real. Lol. Oooh! I wonder what Sirius will say about the kiss! Will he blow it over and pretend it didn't happen? Kristy would probably through a fit. She's almost a ginger anyways. Or maybe he won't and they'll get back together! I bet James won't like that though. After all the pain Sirius put his sister through and she just goes back to him? Or maybe he'll be happy that Kristy will be happy! There are so many ways you could take this story. Hahaha. And then! We all wonder what Frank wants to talk about at Christmas. I'm gonna throw out my guess and say they get engaged. Or break up! Probably not though. Franks a good guy. I'm probably gonna cry at Remus' reaction. We all know Remus is a softie. I say he won't be as blistering mad as James and Sirius will be, but I bet he'll be pretty upset with Lily and Kristy! Lily and Kristy probably won't be able to sleep because they know they're in deep shit. Poor Peter, he's so invisible, I haven't mentioned him once in my ridicuously long ramble, have I? You know what I've never seen in a fanfic before? The story about how Peter goes to the dark side. Never! And I really want to know how James and Kristy's twin telepathy works! It worked when she was getting tortured, when she was lonely, and when he asked out Lily. I guess big events, maybe...? Now, I'm sure as a writer you're just killing for negative feedback. Let me think... You don't update as much as I would love you to! But I understand you're in college, so you must be busy. Hmm... I don't like Leigh's last name. The voice in my head can't pronounce it. Ooh! Here's something! Okay, I feel like Leigh is like very tall and long legged! And there's nothing wrong with that! I know Remus has a build and he's tall, but I always think long legged people are extremely tall. So for some reason, I think that Leigh is ten times taller than Remus. So when you write about Leigh sitting on Remus' lap, I think it looks funny. Ooh! You know, through out this story, you haven't wrote about a Quidditch match? I love Quidditch matches because the commentary is always really witty, so I feel like you could do something really funny with that. Hmm. I wonder what Reg is up to. You know what? I wonder, if Kristy knew exactly when Reg was gonna join Voldemort, do you think she would try and stop it? We all know she has a soft spot for Reg. How would James and Sirius react to that? I'm just throwing this out there, you'll probably go in a completely different direction. But you know what you should really do? UPDATE BEING BEAUTIFUL, THAT STORY LITERALLY JUST NEEDS ONE OUR TWO MORE CHAPTERS, THEN YOU CAN CHANGE IT TO COMPLETE. Yeah, I've read that one a couple times too. Pretty solid story. Have you ever thought about making writing your occupation? Because you're really good at it. I would buy all your books! haha. I really think you've done a great job with this story. You know, with everything Kristy is going through, she could write some really good Arvil Lavigne songs. Haha. Well, i'm running out of things to say. And it's 3 in the morning my time. So I better bring this reveiw to a close. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE update soon. I love this story! Lots of love! 10/10

Author's Response: wow! I must say that this has to be the best review I've ever gotten! Thank you so much for all of your feedback! One thing though! You've read it SEVEN times, and you still haven't learned Kirsty's name?! Sorry, pet peeve of mine K-i- r- s-t-y is a Scottish name, and I am Scottish! It's actually my name, so I get all defensive over it :P it's pronounced Kir- stay. But sorry! I love all your feed back! I always imagine Leigh a good 3/4 inches shorter than Remus, so this amuses me! Kirsty and Sirius, god I waited for that chapter for so long! I love this pairing, I'm hoping that they'll be awesome!

Reg... I love him. I want to save him, after we found out about him in the Deathly Hallows I wanted to cry! I am planning on trying to get a quidditch match in!

Also... being beautiful, wow, it's been a long time since I visited that! Wow, I will try to get around to writing it. But I am actually currently writing a real novel! So if ever it is published I'll expect you to be my first customer! :P

I will try to update sometime soon! But I do have uni, and a boyfriend and a lot of writing to be doing! But believe me! Even if I'm finishing this when I'm 40! It will be done. It's my first baby. I adore it. And there's even a sequal planned! Though I don't know if I'll get around to doing it :/

Thank you so much for your review. I'm truly honored that this was your first story and you care enough to write such an amazingly long review! So thank you! - Kirsty xxx

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