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Review:writeyourheartout says:
Hehehe Every time I read a new chapter of yours, I leave with a goofy grin on my face! :-p Why can't the twins be REAL?! -le sigh-

I don't know why, but Delphine's crush on Harry, like, super fascinates me, LOL. It cracks me up. Maybe just knowing Harry so well and how uninterested he was in girls other than two his entire life, it's just funny to see the fangirling from this POV! *chuckle*

The first half of this chapter was a little slow, but by the end of it, I was a very happy camper. Again I have to mention the chemistry between Hollis and Fred. While it wasn't as flirty or romantic in this chapter (which was actually a really cool thing to see since they've gone back in time and I assume we'll actually at some point be seeing the transition from acquaintances/friends into crushes), they still fit so well together with their interactions.

Gosh, you really do have such a great handle on Fred, it's kind of ridiculous. His sense of humor and wit is exactly how it's always been in the books and how I always hope to see it continued on in fanfiction. Drawing Dumbledore on Hollis' arm cracked me up, hahaha, and it wouldn't be a work of his if his name didn't show up somewhere, leaving no doubt as to who left the marks there! :-p

I feel like getting drawn on with a quill might be pointy and painful, but beauty is pain, amiright? ^.^

Oh Fred... you are indeed Lovely. Also... I MUST know what this wand event was! You're so great about setting up these mini-cliffhanger things because I know that story is going to pop up eventually and I really want to know now! *whines*

-sigh- I guess I shall just have to continue reading until all my curiosities are satisfied... Luckily for me, it will be a very painless journey through your once again marvelous writing skills. :-)

Oh, before I wrap this up, I wanted to say that I really love Hollis' family background! A whole line of Hufflepuffs! YES. And you've created that adversity towards the entire family who's magical lineage seems to be very unstable - skipping generations and such, all being sorted into the house that so many consider the 'left-overs' (*grumbles*). It's just a very cool concept and I wonder if you'll be playing around with those facts later on... Hmm...

You're too cool for school. Stop being so talented. Thanks.

Author's Response: Eee, thank you so much. I sound like such a broken record, but I'm so grateful for your feedback!

Delphine is all sorts of delusional. The girl's brain is filled with marbles or something, I don't know. She's sort of my guilty pleasure character because I could make her say the strangest things with no shame whatsoever. It was a lot of fun. XD

I apologize for the first half of this chapter being a tad slow. I confess that some of my desire for writing this story was, to add to what I said in my previous review response, the appeal of ordinary life at Hogwarts. Like, if I had the time to sit down and write about some ordinary kid through all seven years at Hogwarts, and detail nothing but classes and schoolwork, I would be on cloud 9. I'm really weird like that - my favorite parts of the books tended to be charms lessons and the like, because it really fascinated me. I loved learning about magic while Harry did - and here I am rambling again. :P

Yep, you will definitely see every transition in Hollis and Fred's relationship! All of the sticky awkwardness, the fluffiness, the nerves, etc. I'll warn you ahead of time that not every moment is loaded with suspense and romance, though.

Depending on how long you read this story (I forget how many reviews you'll be giving as prizes, so you might run out before this), you will definitely see the wand scene! There are lots of very small allusions to events that are easy to overlook, but that are expanded upon in later chapters.

You are awesome and tops and all the other good words. All of them. :) Thank you so much for reading.

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