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Review:Athene Goodstrength says:
Okay, so I started writing this review by picking out the lines that made me laugh. Then that turned out to be almost every line. So, to save me from actually copying your entire story into this review box and writing ‘This part made me LOL’ next to it, I will just try and pick out the bits that I wanted to read out loud to everyone else in the room.

‘her heart was as pure as her blood status.’ - Okay, I was giggling quietly from the start of this, but this line just made me burst out laughing. Nice.

‘Mary Sue explained, “The sorting hat lets you choose, and I chose Gryffindor because I’m brave.”
“Wow, that was so brave of you,” said Lily admiringly.’ - BWAHAHAHA. That is all.

“Lily, you should really give James a chance. He really likes you and I think you’re destined to be together. In fact, I would go as far as to say that the future of the wizarding world depends on you two being together. I know this because I’m good at Divination.” - I just seriously LOVE this.

I can’t even pick out a favourite line from the Marauders walking into the common room because it’s all SO FREAKING GREAT.

This bit makes me wish I had your MAD COMEDY SKILLZ: ‘“Ladies, fill these forms out and start a queue. I will gladly snog each and every one of you, but don’t expect any commitment, because Sirius Black does not do relationships.”
“He’s such a sweet gentleman,” Mary Sue swooned in the background, not being noticed.’

I’m genuinely not using hyperbole when I tell you that this bit made me cry with laughter:
‘“I’m perfectly single and available though!” Peter Pettigrew spoke up eagerly.
“Shut up Peter, nobody cares!” said Sirius as he punched Peter in the face, just for the fun of it.’

And then this bit brought forth yet more tears of mirth:
‘“Peter go away, nobody likes you!” Lily snapped. She turned around and threw an erumpent horn which exploded in his face. (A little OOC for Lily, but come on, it’s Peter, everybody hates him. I mean seriously, why is he even in this story?)’

‘She knew his name was Harry because she was good at divination’ - yet more hilarity.

Your characterization of Harry is just totes amazeballs. From his emerald emerald eyes, to this line - ‘I don’t know what to do! Teenage angst!’ ... well, it’s just SO Harry!

‘“So if Voldemort is your father, and Umbridge is your mother, then that means…OH MERLIN NO!” Harry cringed in pain as his mind was assaulted by the worst mental image it had ever conjured. It was even worse than watching one of Cedric Diggory’s vampire movies.’ - If people ever actually rolled on the floor laughing, that’s what I’d be doing right now.

Yes! Beautiful ORBS! Any minute now, Voldemort will turn up dressed as Gerard Way.

‘ Meanwhile, Harry realized that his long friendship with Hermione easily lent itself to imagined sexual tension, and that it would be better for the sake of the story if he realized his love for Hermione in this moment.’ - I’m realising my love for YOU in this moment.

OMG, if only J.K. Rowling had thought of the Nintendo solution.

I added this story to my favourites before I’d even finished reading it. 10/10.

~For the House Cup 2012~

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review!

As you can imagin, this was a very fun story to write because I got to take everything that I usually think is terrible and put it all together.
I'm really glad you enjoyed it! Thanks again for the great review!

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