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Review:CambAngst says:
Hello, again! Sorry it's taken me a day or two to get to your new chapter, but I suppose the timing was fortunate for the House Cup.

I liked that way that you gave us a better idea of where the Parkinson family finances stand in this chapter. In the past, I've never been 100% sure of whether they were poor by conventional standards or just "poor" by wealthy pureblood standards. This chapter left me with the impression that the state of affairs is closer to the latter, but trending toward the former due to Pansy's inability to reign in her mother's spending. Do I have that right?

I also felt like I had a much better idea of how she did on her N.E.W.T.s. After the last chapter, I couldn't decide whether she had struggled as much as she thought she did, or whether she just had anxiety. Now I get the impression that she really didn't do all that well.

The idea of Snape holding career counseling sessions with his students is hilarious. The man is so bitter and he hates his career so much and then he has to talk about jobs with a bunch of rich, snotty brats who have never worked a day in their lives and probably never thought they ever would? I think this deserves a one-shot all its own!

I wonder why the notion of working in potions never occurs to Pansy? She seems to have at least some aptitude for it. Now she's adding another love potion to her collection. And one that she could use to make herself love another person, if I understand correctly? Combined with what you alluded to in the last chapter and her earlier thoughts about not pursuing another man after Draco dumped her, this makes me suspicious that she might wind up deciding to "settle" for a husband. At least for a while, until the Parkinson it her reasserts itself. Or until her reflection talks her out of it.

Once again, you bring up Adri and his articles advocating greater awareness of the Dark Arts. I like this guy, even though I'm suspicious of him. His ideas definitely have merit. I'm eager to see how you might integrate him into Pansy's future.

So she has two career inspirations now: writing for the Prophet under a pseudonym and working in the Ministry Archives. I wonder whether she might combine both? Interesting thought: she could do research and write while working in the archives because probably nobody would pay attention to what she was doing, anyway.

Overall, I thought you picked up the pace a bit with this chapter, which I really liked. It felt like more things were happening in Pansy's life. She also felt more grounded.

Overall, your writing was good. I noticed two small things that might need another look:

-- "...especially in the tasks that were usually regulated to her house elves." - relegated?

-- "...why in Merlinís name would she want to risk her lives for the pathetic people..." - risk her life?

Looking forward to Pansy's big career move!

Author's Response: No problems and you're definitely write about the timing working out brilliantly! Congratulations on Gryffindor coming in first for the Task, by the way.

Yes, you're correct about the state of their finances. They're not poor poor, as you could say that the Weasleys are, but they are certainly in the "poor" range of pureblood finances. And there is definitely the possibility of them becoming poor poor unless Pansy is able to reign in her mothe's spending. However, Pansy is soon to get a job, which will definitely help out in this category.

Pansy didn't do so well on her N.E.W.T.s, at least not according to society's standards. For her, she did pretty well, considering that she's not very good at academics and she had to teach herself a lot of the material. Though I haven't thought about it too specifically, I would say that she got "A"s in the majority of her N.E.W.T.s and there were definitely no "O"s in her report.

You're right that Snape holding career counseling sessions would be a funny one-shot! I had him doing one with Pansy since I got the impression from the books that it was the Head of House's responsability for the students of their House but you're right- his personality and his life definitely doesn't make him a good candidate for heading the sessions.

If you remember, it took a lot of practice for Pansy to be able to properly make the Amortentia in the beginning and she only became good at it because she spent a lot of time making the potion. In my mind the Alluring elixir's recipe is similar to that of Amortentia, making it easier for Pansy to master the potion. I've never thought of taking Pansy down that route in life and I imagine that constantly hanging over a cauldron wouldn't suit her- she'd probably worry that her hair would end up like Snape's and she wouldn't see the public benefits of being a potion maker. And you're correct about the use of the new potion and that it will end up being used in the future...

I'm glad that you like Adri and he continue to play a role in Pansy's life, though it will grow as time passes.

You'll see which career she chooses in the next chapter, though the choice might not be entirely of her own desire...

Thanks for pointing out those mistakes- I definitely agree that it doesn't make sense for Pansy to have multiple lives... The next chapter should hopefully be up in a week's time! Thanks for your review!

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