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Review:angelicdemon1209 says:
Hey.. You already know that I really, really like your story.. But please stop making my Sirius look like a villain.. We know Sirius isn't that bad. Plus, he's not had an easy life and someone needs to understand that.. I feel so conflicted, because I love Severus and Avrille, but when one goes against Sirius, I can't help but defend. Honestly, nothing against your story. I just wanted to share how I felt...

Author's Response: Hi! Well, I felt like I needed to respond to this right away cause I can totally understand why you're upset if you love Sirius :D I figured I'd catch some flack from someone over this chapter! I was actually worried about the exact thing you said which is why I asked my beta to specifically check out whether or not I was TOO hard on Sirius here. She said she thought it was very in character for him, so I left it the way I wrote it.

So here's my reasoning: You have to remember whose point of view this chapter is. Do you think it would be believable for Severus to think, "Well, he's had a hard life so we should all be more understanding"? No way that's happening. In Severus's mind, HE had a hard life but got over it and is now fighting Voldemort while (it looks to him) like Sirius is sitting on his butt all day. Think if this chapter was from Sirius's POV. He'd see Severus as being pompous, gloating, and self-important, don't you think? It's really all a matter of perspective. Remember we had no inkling really that Snape in canon was anything but horrible until the last book because Harry was so prejudiced against him. This is the same sort of situation. Severus is never going to see anything but the worst in Sirius, and Avrille has no choice but to follow his lead since she barely knows Sirius herself.

I'll admit Sirius is one of my least favorite characters, but I'm willing to give him a lot of leeway for his actions after escaping from Azkaban because I can't even imagine how screwed up someone would be after being in there for a year, let alone 12. However, my main problem with him is how he acted as a teenager. I know he must have had a very hard time not having a loving mother or a supportive family, but that's no excuse to be cruel and a bully like he was. Harry also had a very hard childhood, bordering on abusive, but he was still loving and never picked on those weaker than him. So being a Snape fan, I'm always going to pick his side, know what I mean?

I will warn you that the next chapter is going to have a tiny bit more sort of anti-Sirius stuff in it. However, please understand this is also because Avrille's view of him is tainted by association with Severus. I don't know if you remember, but way in the beginning of the first story, her impressions of Harry were prejudiced before she even met him because of Severus's obvious dislike and Lockhart's lies about him. Later when she met Harry, she realized he's a very nice kid. Same sort of thing is going to happen here because Avrille just doesn't know Sirius well enough to find his good points. So there will be a little bit of Sirius acting like a jerk, but then Lupin is going to give him some defense and mediate, so don't worry! I normally wouldn't reveal plot stuff, but I didn't want you to think it was going to be all Sirius-bashing and stop reading. After this next chapter, Sirius isn't even going to show up anymore, so you don't have to worry about anything ;)

So I hope that helped you to see a bit why I wrote Sirius the way I did. I'm definitely planning on having him and Severus have a grudging sort of reconciliation before the Department of Mysteries battle. I don't want to paint Sirius as a total bad guy, because he wasn't. Yeah, he did some not very nice things, but there's no denying had Harry been able to live with him, he would have provided Harry with a loving, stable, supportive home. And no matter what Severus thought, Sirius WAS very brave and very loyal to the Order.

Thanks for your review! It's VERY important to me to get honest feedback, especially when there's something that bothers you or you don't like. I really hope you keep reading despite your inner conflicts ;) Thanks again! ~Renny

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