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Review:Ginger Lust says:
Hi Write. may I call you Write???
Well. I just finished both 'World According to...'(s). --(actually, finished them two weeks ago. Wrote this then but didn't send til now!)
OoK! Interesting. Different (from you now, that is) But I really liked them. I was like... is this Writergirl8? What a different. How you've 'grown' since then. I'm glad you kept them even though you said you aren't proud of them. They're actually delightful. I was so happy to be able to read all the way to the end without waiting for updating chapters.
I remember thinking... wow, Hermione sure is thinking like a child. Thought it many times during both stories. But I have to remember that it was all new to her, this love thing.
I'm glad Ron never gave up. He knew what he wanted (a life with Hermione) and kept to his dream. Not just getting mad and giving up on her. Donít you want to just hug him and kiss him and consol him!!
Speaking of whichÖ I love that you had Hermione give herself to Ron before they got married. I have such a problem with the concept of waiting til marriage to have sexÖ but not why most people would think. I believe that a couple should live together before getting married. What if you are not compatible. Most people think that sex will just fall into place naturally. It doesnít always. I speak from experience. Not mine but from one of my BFFs. She married a guy that, due to an actual disorder, can not give her intimacy. Now she is stuck in a sexless marriage and canít leave him because she loves him but is miserable and has even gone outside of her marriage to get it. So sad.
I love the way you did it. Exactly as I would have. I would have had them live together without having to have sex right away since they knew that they loved each other. That way, they learned more about how their lives would be together. They already pretty much know everything there is to know by that time, in their case.
Although.. I would never have had them in the same bedÖ. Lol That is so cruel to Ron! You are so cruel. lololol But, as I believed that it takes all kinds to make the world go round, I guess I can believe that Ron could contain his feelings, needs for the woman he loves for a while longerÖ I guess! Iíve done itÖ on group camping tripsÖ for safety and warmth!! ;-) But it was hard!
I will admit that I was even older then Hermione when I Ďgave it upí, by about a year. Donít want you thinking that I am loose. lol
Also in both stories, at least at the beginnings, I, a couple of times, Ďgotí lost. I mean, I had to go back and reread a paragraph but still just felt like a part was missing. Thatís when I really saw the difference between you then and now.
Well, I guess thatís it for now. I am working myself up to read your Bellatrix story. Itís dark and I usually donít read dark, angst. But it sounds good. At least I wonít cry for that one. Then on to your Harry/Ginny ones also. So far, I havenít grown an interest in H/G stories yet as there are plenty of Romione and Dramione to go thru still but I want to read your versions. Basically, Iím stalling before reading WAR OF THE EXES. That way, I will not have to wait too long for the end.
This is so long because itís for 2 stories. Iíll try to keep next one short.
Youíre the best!

Author's Response: You can actually call me Rachel. I think we're there :) I'm glad you read them all the way through, and thank you so much for telling me that I have grown since writing them. I mean, obviously I was proud of them at the time, but I've gotten so much better since. So if I'd stayed still all that time, it would have been the epitome of embarrassing.

I mean, Hermione may have been acting childish, but it could have been how young I am when I wrote it that had the effect. Or it could have been something I intended and it just came across that way. Or it could be a little of both! She was definitely very frustrated throughout the entire story.

I do want to hug, kiss, and console Ron. A-l-w-a-y-s. I have to physically restrain myself when I see redheads.

I agree with everything you said about the living together and the sex. Everything. At the time I wrote this, I was definitely less aware of, ehem, male stuff. So that's probably why I tortured Ron so much. It wasn't a conscious choice to screw him over to that extent. It seemed natural to me that they would sleep in the same bed. Mind, I wrote this about four years ago. Five years ago? I started this before it got posted, so... I don't know anymore.

You know, as I get older and my friends start doing that, it just becomes more apparent to me that the age you are when you "give it up" completely depends on the guy, the relationship, and your personality. I just don't think there's a proper age at this point- I used to, though.

It's amazing how much perspective changes as you get older.

Sorry you got lost, but glad I lost the lostness of my writing. Haha. I don't even know if that made sense, but I think you get it.

The Bellatrix story is another pretty old one, but I think it's still reasonably well written. If you go to my fanfiction(net) page you'll find a one-shot about Colin Creevy, Ron and Hermione in the Hunger Games (soon), and the first chapter of my new novel-length called "Sleepless." So it's not even close to over! Don't worry.

And don't write short reviews if you don't want to. Authors LOVE large reviews and want opinions. The more, the better. ~writergirl8

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