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Review:Jchrissy says:
Yay Iím here Iím here! Okay, Iím pretending you are one of my review requesters so I can make an actual coherent review and not just gush. Here we go!

I love the tie in with the ink on Ronís nose! Love, love, love it! I was giggling at the idea of him throwing wrappers (you have sweet, I think you meant sweets) and magazines over the towel. I remember doing things like that, so that is a perfect and relatable incident. The starts of this is perfect, I loved imaging a little 11 year old Ron!

The line about the thought of his motherís Christmas turkey giving him a funny feeling in the pit of his stomach- Brilliant! Ron really would be one of those, his heart is through his stomach, types!

The first meeting through Ronís PoV is so great. It made my heart happy to remember that part of SS/PS. I love the way Ron almost have enough courage built up to talk to him, then loses it because of the owl. We know how shy he is about money, so it makes perfect sense.

Okay. Iím mad at you. Rewind, get off the boat, and get yourself back on the train, missy! I want to know what Ron is thinking when he learns itís Harry, and when he meets Hermione trying to find Nevilleís toad.. and when he is in awe of Harryís gold and when Harry gives him sweets. Sarah, I want all of it! Get back on the writing train asap!

Okay, now that I have continued reading, I do see you are sneakily slipping in here. you might be forgive. *blushing*

I love Ronís first idea of Neville and Hermione, and I think itís extremely accurate! I was giggling at the different names he was guessing for Hermione. The descriptions is wonderful so far, Iíve witness each scene perfectly!

Ronís apprehension is so precious, and I like that he decided maybe Hufflepuff wouldnít be too bad. I also enjoy that youíve given a bit of the characteristic of the houses through Ron, itís so much fun to be in his little eleven year old head!

Ahh I love that Ron has already decided heís going to be in Hufflepuff when he thinks the part about there not being much of a change of the boy who lived being sorted into Hufflepuff. Itís great! You are filling my heart with way too much warm fuzzy right now!

Thatís it? Youíre done?? Why! Why are you stopping? There is so much more eleven year old amazingness you can fill my warm heart with! Okay. I want you to write an entire HP series from Ronís POV. You know him so well, you know all the Weasleys an amazing amount, so just write all 7 books from Ronís PoV and I will be the happiest girl in America! Please! Or at least write how he feels being sorted into Gryffindor :)! PS I learned that we can ignore the coding for our reviews we do in a word program! It will still show the weird codes during the preview part, but as soon as you hit submit review they go away!

This was amazing, so much for not gushing!!

Author's Response: Well, hello Miss Impatience 2012! :P

Do you know, I spent so much time thinking about that smudge on Ron's nose while I was writing this! How did it get there? What is it? The first book really should have been called Harry Potter and the Smudgey Nose, it's such a mystery.

I actually do mean sweet wrappers ;) It's like saying 'car tyres' rather than 'cars tyres' or 'guitar strings' rather than 'guitars strings'.

Ron definitely has his heart in his stomach, bless him!

I actually LOVE it when you get mad at me, haha! I'm going to have to keep writing chapters with plenty of misdirection, some time jumps, maybe the odd twist and turn, just so I can get you cross and then cheer you up again. Heehehehe *rubs hands together in a dastardly fashion*

However, I am glad to see I made you happy too by then flashing back in Ron's mind!

I actually found Ron's 11 year old head very fun to be, you're right. Maybe I *will* continue. just not all 7 books, you nutter :P I think this story is finished but I think I just got pounced on by a plunny for little Hogwarts-era Ron, so watch this space.

Thank you ever so very much for the review and all of the support & encouragement you've given me. You and your reviews make me really happy, you know!

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