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Review:Renfair says:
Alright! It's Renny from TGS to head-hunt you for the third review challenge :D I've wanted to read something of yours for a while, and this review challenge has been awesome for forcing me to make time to try out the many authors on my "to-read" list (which is extensive, believe me). This story stuck out at me with its fabulous Sean Bean banner when I was looking through your page a challenge or two ago for something that qualified, so it's cool I got to come back and read it.

So! I've always really liked Moody. Yeah, he bordered on paranoid, but can you really blame him after the things he must have seen in his life? I found his CONSTANT VIGILANCE refreshing in a series of books where, honestly, the three main characters often run off to do really stupid things without thinking about how their actions affect anyone, including themselves. I'm also very into members of the Order right now since I'm currently writing a lot of Order scenes in my new story.

Let me say I LOVE the idea that Moody's father volunteered to go fight in World War II. It's such a noble, honorable thing to do since obviously they wouldn't have been registered for the draft (or however they called it in England. Sorry I'm not very learned in British military things). I've often wondered what level of involvement there was between Muggles and wizards in the world wars. I know there was a statute of secrecy and all, but how could the British Ministry sit by while knowing the atrocities being committed? Whoops, sorry for the tangent there.

I guess I never really thought about how brave Moody was to keep fighting despite his "disabilities." If he'd been in the Army, he'd be given a well-earned honorable discharge for either one of those things, but Moody kept going. He's really such an amazing man. I have to constantly remind myself how awesome he is because I often confuse Imposter-Moody with him and his totally un-cool treatment of Severus while he was DADA teacher.

"...with one hand tied behind his back and his eyes closed by the time he graduated." --I guess good training for one eye and one leg, huh?

The last image of Moody smiling is great. I *think* that chapter was called something like "Fallen Warrior?" Yeah, it was sad Moody died and the Order lost such a strong member, but I'm sure that's how he would have wanted to go: in the heat of battle protecting the innocent instead of dozens of years later in the wizarding equivalent of a nursing home since he had no family.

For only 700-odd words, you definitely packed a lot in here. It seemed like a good length for that one moment since it was very quick but must have also stretched out a bit for Moody as he was falling. I'm really glad I was able to finally read something of yours :) See you around TGS and congrats again on your well-deserved promotion! ~Renny

Author's Response: Hey Renny! Thanks for choosing me! :)

Yep, love the banner - it was actually an UFG find, and it actually just now hit me that this could technically fall into the Sean-Bean-dies-in-everything pop culture legend. Haha.

You make a great point about Moody - even in his paranoia, he does sort of represent a role model for the trio, and I think he'd be proud of the way they relentlessly hunted for Horcruxes in the final book, even without him.

In working with Moody's character, I was trying to figure out where 'Constant Vigilance' came from. In the few stories I've read about him, it usually comes from his mother, from some sort of overbearing or even borderline abusive childhood. I wanted to take a different tack here and suggest that his father might have had a military background, thus inspiring his son to want to be 'just like his old man'. I'm glad you felt like those elements fit.

Well, we have to remember that GOF Moody was actually Barty in disguise, and we know just how fondly he felt for some of his fellow Death Eaters, particularly those suspected of being traitors. Then again, I imagine that Moody wouldn't have been his biggest fan either. I guess I find Snape's interactions with everyone interesting. Okay, major tangent!

I agree - the central point of this was that Moody was always a fighter and would have wanted to go out that way, too. He would never have been content with retirement, in my mind, largely because I don't know if he could be convinced that things were safe. (Seriously, can you imagine him in Next Gen? I think JKR sort of did him a favor there.)

Thanks so much for this really lovely review!


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