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Review:Renfair says:
Hi! It's Renny from TGS! I've always wanted to check out one of your stories, so the ultimate review challenge has given me a great excuse to make some time and head on over.

I was drawn to this one immediately because I remember reading this challenge on the forums and being tempted by it. I've always been interested in what "everyone else" in the wizarding world does. I mean, not everyone can be a shop keeper in Diagon Alley, work at the Ministry, or teach at Hogwarts, right? I remembered how I never have time to do anything, so didn't sign up for it, but was always kind of interested in what other people had ended up coming up with.

So! Wow! This is really amusing already. I'm absolutely loving the idea of a jilted lover of Lockhart. I made him kind of skeezy in my own writing because he just seems like the kind of guy who would sleep around with all his groupies, you know? You don't get to be that famous and that good looking and still have morals (as we saw when he tried to erase the memories of 12 year-olds. Did anyone else find that really disturbing?) I also love the name Nova Spacelove. Not sure if you were assigned the name (I think you were...) but even if you didn't come up with it, you definitely brought the character to life. I can totally imagine this chick being someone who has the walls of her room at home covered in those posters of aliens that light up purple in a black light and probably smells like patchouli. Love it.

"All of the do-it-yourself gender-testing potions told me during my last pregnancy that I was supposed to have a girl, and I ended up with two boys instead." --Yeah, those things are funny in real life. Like if your pee is slightly more green, it's a boy or whatever? I never did one with my pregnancy, though I guess it would have been funny to see if it was right in the end. I can definitely understand Molly wanting to try one out after three boys.

"And if it were another boy, of course, it would be Ronald. That much is already decided." --Wuh-oh! Looks like it was a bit on the lemony side after all!

Oooh, and then she goes and tells a PREGNANT woman her husband is cheating? I don't care if you are pulling things out of your bum to fill up an hour long session, that's just cruel.

Oh! But of course, this is Molly we're talking about! No way she'd ever be that gullible and sappy. I feel really dumb for not guessing she was playing along since Molly is uber awesome. I love how she's doing this for kicks. Er, I'd personally go get a magical pedicure and prenatal massage, but whatever amuses you, Molly! I can't even imagine having five boys at home. One is hard enough. I think I'll give myself a panic attack if I try to put myself in Molly's shoes.

This was such a funny little one-shot! Great description and characterization. Nova's inner monologues were really funny, and Molly was spot-on. Hopefully Nova got over Gilderoy soon, though if she's really dumb enough to fall for his pretty-boy act, she kind of deserved having her inner-eye get conjunctivitis. Thanks for the fun read! ~Renny

Author's Response: Hi, Renny!

Ahh, I love Lockhart. I feel he has lots of untapped, hidden wisdom. I think he might be one of my favorite characters. Glad you liked Nova's name! Nah, I made that one up; I was just assigned 'other' for era and 'Seer'.

Haha, the do it yourself gender things are fun to try but everyone I know who's tried it says they're always wrong. I mean, it's a fifty-fifty chance, though, so.

lol Molly. She takes it all in stride, of course. Trolling the troll, etc. Inner-Eye conjunctivitis is an apt description. XD

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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