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Review:Moonyxluna says:
Hi Camila! I'm back for more :)

Okay, I have been meaning to ask this but I keep forgetting. Do you make all of your graphics for chapters? Because I always admire them a lot wanted to let you know they are really great!

Anyway, review time!

I know I'm repeating what I said in the previous reviews, but you just make me love and want to cheer for Dominique so much here. I'm really curious as to why she fell out of the bed and I thought her views on the 'evilness' of dust-bunnies was hilarious :)

This probably has a bit to do with the fact that I'm writing a 'kid of Oliver Wood' story too, but I loved the way you portrayed Nat through Minnie's eyes. I just think Oliver would [[haa, Oliver would, Oliver Wood... :p ]] be an awesome dad! The two's personalities work off eachother, describing Nat's personality and quirks while giving us the further characterization of Minnie that she isn't as athletic or in-shape as her "Quidditch star's kid" best friend. With her the only thing I can think is to try not to slip in the 'mirroring their parents' role. While you've done a brilliant job with that on Minnie so far, make sure Nat has her own personality and dreams instead of just pinning her as 'the kid of Oliver Wood'.

I loved the joke that Oliver bribed Neville to make his daughter the Captain. That was brilliant!

Another line that made me laugh: That immediately drops his attractiveness level down to right above Dare and just under the Giant Squid -loved! I am interested about her loathing of Hufflepuff! If that attractive of a guy can bring his level to the squid just for his house it must be pretty bad :p

She's so cynical! I love it. Her character just grows more with each chapter and it's so great to see.

It was nice to get a little bit more of a background of Dare here too. I love how she always makes fun of him in her head about being a nerdy goodie, even though it just sets up that lovely lovely tension between them even more. :D Aww! and he's blushing at Nat's comment! I just love him now. I loved how incredibly shocked Minnie was that Dare was even a Quidditch fan. I should warn you, I'm a complete romantic and I'm going to be sitting here pointing out every little spot between them and shouting at you to make them snog and get it over with!

aah, and we get a bet! Even before the moment where she chimed in, I was thinking she was going to bet the longest. I'm wondering if Dare is going to try to thwart her at all or if things will be genuine because he TOTALLY LOVES HER!

Okay.. getting ahead of myself. :p

Repeating, again, that I'm still loving how long your chapters are. And, that they don't feel like it. I get down to the bottom and I still find myself wishing there was more there! As always, re-request dear! I can't wait to read more :) These reviews haven't been very helpful lately.. But I love this, keep up the fantastic work!

Author's Response: Hi and welcome back! :)

Yeah, all the graphics for my story are done by me. They change about every few months though. I think this story has had like, fifteen different banners now? Hahaha, I get bored a lot. But thanks!

So the only reason why Minnie fell off her bed, was because the night before I wrote this I had also fallen off my bed. Creative, I know. And don't underestimate the evilness of dust bunnis. Those are some seriously mean creatures. ;)

Hahaha, Nat is probably one of my favorite characters to write. She's just so extreme and different from Minnie, which I love. I agree that its important not to have kids mirror their parents and I try to make Nat her own person. However, Nat is also a complete daddy's girl (which will be brought up more in later chapters) and grew up kind of idolizing her father. For her, her biggest dream is making her father proud. And right now, she thinks the only way to do that is by doing exactly what he did. It's still early in the story though, so she still has lots of things to learn.

Oh and I read "Knock on Wood" and absolutely loved it! Freddy and Hannah, ftw!

Yes, Minnie's got a bit of a vendetta against the Puffs. It'll be a while before we get to see where exactly that hatred comes from, but it'll happen.

Hahaha, poor Dare. Minnie's such a bully to him, I swear. But now with the bet in play, that'll hopefully start to change. Although I have to warn you, I'm so awkward when it comes to writing romance. I much prefer humor and so I'll probably avoid any Min/Dare scenes for as long as possible. Which means, no snogs for a while. If they ever happen that is, muahaha. :P

Thanks again for your reviews! And no, these have been totally helpful! Like, if you'd have never pointed out that the length of these actually work, I would've spent so much time freaking out about either boring everyone or not giving enough. So yeah, definitely helpful.
-Camila :)

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