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Review:forsakenphoenix says:
I love how Catherine and Mrs. Allen walked down to the spa but Mrs. Allen wanted to Floo back because she wouldn't be able to make it up the hill. Heh, poor dear. By the way, I don't think any fashionable shoes are considered sensible!

I also really liked this line: He was very polite and commented that both women looked even more radiant than before even though, in all honesty, he couldn't truly see a difference. Men! They can never tell, ever.

High society gossip at its best. I loved all the subtle jabs and sly remarks as each woman tried to slip in accomplishments without seeming to be bragging. Though I suppose Mrs. Burke's little slip with the spa treatment was not an accident. I can't imagine any business charging someone else on the assumption that they were together as a party, though, especially if Mrs. Burke had her own tab. I don't know, that just seemed a bit off to me. Maybe that's how these rich fuddy duddies roll.

Also, can I just say that I love the idea of the wizarding world still finding cause to celebrate Harry's life despite his disappearance from their world? It makes me happy that they have so much cause for celebration now but sad that Harry has never known any of it.

I find it amusing how Catherine wanted to find a nice gentleman on the first day on the town. She's just so ready to star in her own heroine novel, isn't she? I'm glad she found Isabella and that they've bonded over Rudolpho. I may be reading too much into it, but I'm curious as to Catherine's comment about her being in Slytherin and Isabella turning cold to correct her. I'm not sure if maybe it was because of the negative connotation with the house, especially considering the war or if there's something more that I just need to wait and see what happens.

Isabella is exactly what I expected in a high society girl and I find it humorous that Catherine has latched onto her, desperate for introductions to those fine young wizards. I wonder who Isabella's mystery man is!

I did notice one tiny mistake while reading this: "He own Quality Quidditch Supplies in Diagon Alley." Own should be owns. Otherwise, this was well-written and very posh. Exactly how I imagined Hidden Springs to be like, especially the people.

Sorry for taking so long to get this chapter. Hopefully I won't take nearly as long to finish the remaining chapters. :)

Author's Response: Men really can't tell!! Ugh! Ok, I guess I'm lucky in that my husband does notice stuff, but I also think a lot of the time when people pay tons of money to get spa treatments in real life, it's mostly just a placebo effect.

Mrs. Burke's payment slip was definitely not an accident, but people who are desperate for friends like Mrs. Allen and Catherine are usually able to overlook quite a bit before the realization sinks in that they're being taken advantage of.

Yay! I'm glad you liked the thing about them celebrating Harry! I admit, it was merely a way to have there be a ball. Obviously when the original "Northanger Abbey" was written in Jane Austen's time, balls were a very common occurrence. In the 1980's... um... not so much, even in a slightly weird, anachronistic wizarding place. It's very sad that Harry wasn't aware of this whole time period. I'm always struck by that whenever I re-read "Philosopher's Stone" (and also reminded that I don't actually hate Harry that much. OotP always makes me forget that).

You're definitely not reading into Catherine's remark about Slytherin. I don't consider this a "spoiler" or whatever, but I imagine they're the family of the "Borgin and Burke's" Mr. Burke from Nocturne Alley, so it's pretty safe to assume the whole family was in Slytherin. However, I imagined in this time period right after Voldemort's defeat, probably a lot of people would deny their association with that House because of its bad reputation of putting out a bunch of Death Eaters. I don't think I'll ever overtly say that, but there will be another comment later on to sort of hint that Isabella isn't the most truthful person.

Thanks for catching that typo! I'm always SO grateful to have those pointed out. I don't have a beta for this story, so I've just been proof-reading it myself and obviously miss things here or there. No worried at ALL for taking a while. Honestly, I don't think it was a while at all. It's taking me just as long to read your stuff ;) I started your Order short story collection, and will go back to review each one. Thanks so much for the wonderful, detailed review. It really was very helpful! See you around TGS :D ~Renny

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