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Review:imacullenpottergirl says:
this is amaze-balls.
every bit of it.
my god.

I could not stop. so i didn't. sorry!

for amaze-balls stories i either write a really short or really long review, so lets see how it goes.

This story is bloody fantastic!! Its amazing.
From the very first paragraph, i was hooked. I love the plot and the whole idea. Its amaze-balls.

I just don't know how to describe the feeling i have right now. This story made me remember why i love writing and reading so much, it brought my passion back, and it inspired me to continue writing my own story.

Every little bit of this story just works. It just fits together so perfectly. All the characters are so well described and thought through. Each and every one has their own back story, and personality, and I'm in love with it.

just make sure that you check your spelling. I found a few mistakes, but forgot to write them down. oops. sorry. but just to clarify, why did you call fred frankie in one of the chapters? I was a bit confused, but is that one of his nicknames?


god. i don't know what to say.
everyone, this stuff right here is amaze-balls, and all you people who stuff it and scroll down the page to the next story, may as well shove it. because, you are missing out on A LOT.

im in love with Al. And James. they're just awesome sexy potter boys. The way you have captured the personality and soul of each one is just perfect. Most of the stories I've read just talk about how both james and Al are great brothers, and both of them are equally famous blah blah blah. But if you really look at it, that wouldn't be the case. James would feel the pressure of proving himself because he is harry's first born son, and Al would always be overshadowed by both his father and older brother, therefore wanting to be different and worthy. And you have addressed this perfectly. and i love you for that.

Jo is awesome. She is so funny and witty, and she just does her own thing, and its perfect. I love that she is fiery and sarcastic and she stands up for herself. She personally is exactly the kind of person i want to be. I love that she can handle herself, and she isn't afraid of anyone.

Jo's background kind of caught me off-gaurd, but I'm glad that it is how it is. Lots of stories are exactly the same, and her background is what makes this one different. Having two dads? AWESOME! Having a adopted older brother? I.AM.JEALOUS. Jo stands out, and she is herself, and i love that about her.

Now, moving on to Alex.
.. squeal
... double squeal
. triple squeal
I WANT A KID LIKE THAT!!! HE IS SO ADORABLE AND CUTE AND SMART AND INTELLIGENT AND AWESOME!! he is just perfect. and i want a kid like him someday. he is just so mature, and chill, its so cute!! I just can't say enough good stuff about him. Lets hope that i get blessed with a son like him. HE. IS. ADORABLE.

I love your plot. the whole idea is just so different and amaze-balls. (am i saying amaze-balls to much? stuff it. it is.)

I can't say enough about this story. It is the best I've ever read, and don't you deny it. It has such soul in it, and i can tell that it means a lot, as you have put so much love into making it this awesome.

i just..argh.
its amazing, and you are amazing.
Please read this!! I want you to feel amazing!! Because you are!!
i love you.

i am going to follow this story with all my heart, because truly, it is the best I've ever read, and i hope that other people feel the same way.

I loved every word of it,

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much. You said 'i love it' so much i thought you were going to ask me to prom. lol.

You have no idea how much your praise means. Especially since I am using Fanfics to hone my skills before setting out to write a real story... or at least one real enough i can make a living off of...

The funny thing is that, when i first started, it was just supposed to be just a ten chapter novela with a pretty predictable plot: James meets kid, gets pissed and goes after custody and then the end. In that story Alex was little more than a prop.

Well one day, about three chapters in, i was petting a different plot bunny in my head (the basic premise for how Alex is different) and my muse snuck up behind me. "Why not combine the two stories?" he whispered quietly in my ear. It took a minute for me to recognize what he was trying to tell me...

...and then my brain exploded.

Holy Merlin's sweaty ball sack, bat-man! This was going to be EPIC. I can't say anything about double or triple sequels, but I do know that there is enough that has to be crammed into the one i have planed that it's going to be LONG. Like split me into two or three movies long.

I know i have issues with spelling. I blame learning to read through hooked-on-phonics when my teacher had one of the worst southern accents known to man. I have a beta and we're working on going over all the stuff i missed. We're only a few chapters in right now and i kind of figured you guys would rather deal with a few mistakes than wait a few months for me to revamp everything. And yes, the Frankie thing was a typo. thanks for pointing that out.

Funny you said that about the characters. I hadn't planed the background for any of them except Jo and James, but they kind of wright themselves as i type. Case in point Isa. she was originally supposed to be a random ditsy bound but i guess she wouldn't have any of that. lol.

Jo is cool. She's heavily based off of Emma Stone in "Easy A." I'm curious about how her past cough off guard. I'm guessing it's just because it's not the kind of thing you see every day, even in the fanfiction world, right?

I'm jealous of Conner too. I guess that's why i keep having Jo beat him up; it's what i would do with a big brother. My mom keeps talking about having another kid, but i can't help thinking "i'm almost twenty, lot of good that does me!" oh well, that's life, right?

I had never thought of James and AL like that. It had just seemed natural given the last chapter of DH that that's how they would be. Of course their life is going to be under a microscope I mean, their Dad, Aunt, and Uncle practicably saved the entire world by themselves AND went on to have successful careers.

the way JK Rowling described James (and she may have used these words almost exactally) i got the impression that he was a lot like Ron in the emotions department: latches on to one emotion at a time and feels that almost compleatly while ignoring everything else.

Al, on the other hand, seemed more like Harry. He's better at seeing other peoples points of view. That, combined with him being in Slythern and his father's fame, means he would be the kind of person to work more behind the scenes; if someone were to look at his life, it would seem almost nothing compared to those around him, but in fact he may have done more. But all of that was pulling strings and such to help those he cares about.

A bit like a less smoocher version of Slughorn.

I'm glad everyone likes Alex, it's going to make reading the comments for what happens latter rather But seriously, i would love to do a chapter from his mind, but i can't. not until the sequel. it would tip his hand too much and i'v been careful to make sure our little poker player keeps his cards close to his chest.

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