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Review:peppersweet says:
eeehee I love that first paragraph, it's kind of meta in a way because this fic is really floaty and light and subtle, and it seems to kind of gently rock to some ebb and flow instead of charging forward with a cutlass or something. it's like the fic equivalent of a lullaby...sweet and quiet and nostalgic and very understated, but so beautiful crafted. excuse me while I fangirl over here~

people keep walking around behind me and I have to keep switching to something innocuous like spotify and ugh it is severaly disrupting my reading ;A; this is the sort of fic that absorbs people and swallows them a really good way, I mean. like, I feel really caught up in it but I still don't feel like I've managed to pin down what I think about both draco and astoria, so it's kind of pleasingly familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. idek how to phrase my thoughts about this!

I can actually kind of hear draco's voice in my head. and it sounds nothing like the sneery POTTAH of the films or whatever but so much more realistic. HE SOUNDS BROKEN. I sort of want to pat him on the head except not because this fic is far too subtle and careful for head-patting.

They sat in silence for a long time after this and Astoria could gather from that silence the rest of the story, because he held it around his mouth and around the pink soft edges of his eyes--he still loved them, they still loved him, and they, together, had cut off that one last reminder of a relationship--allowance. It was contrary to anything shed come to think about before, that money could be love. - FLAILING. such a perfect description of the malfoys because, well, I've always been of the opinion that, barring the weasleys, they were one of the most secure family units in the entire hpverse. I tend to dislike stories where narcissa or lucius are abusive or unecessarily cruel, because I think the /reason/ for the malfoys' redemption-of-sorts at the end of DH was that family, if it was voldemort's trademark not to know or understand love then, well, the malfoys were able to come to 'the good' at the end because they cared for each other. even if they were really naff people. argh that made no sense and I'm pretty sure half of fanon disagrees with me but I tried D:

endless ♥ for you and this fic

Author's Response: ugh meta. it's always there i think. there are professional writers who'd tear me apart but i use ff as my philosophy corner tbh. and astoria's getting the brunt of it i think.


i am on the same boat as you dear juliar. we are rocking amongst the same tides. what i mean is, if i mean anything, because i can blather rather well, is that when i write these chapters i AM astoria, i AM draco (but not as beautiful obvi), and still they keep surprising me. it's hard that i've left this sit for so long because i've changed a lot as a person so astoria had to get drunk for a chapter to make a sort of transition and i don't even care that that was a strange move.

draco is a broken person. i think most people are at least a conglomeration of miracle bones held together by magic inside of hairline cracks. we're all broken for whatever reasons, and to different extents. head-pat all you want though tbh if you say it can be done it can be done :P

YES. thank you! they were definitely a really strong family unit, especially by the end. i don't buy the abusive/neglectful parents story. lucius may not have known how to express his love and i think he may have been a bit distant because draco OBVIOUSLY has some self-esteem problems, but in general i think they were a functional family. YEP. their redemption was their ability to love, which is beautiful /and/ pathetic. i agree with you, we can be this little corner of agreers and everyone else can go have cream teas or something.

♥ ♥

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