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Review:missclaire17 says:
lol i left that really long review that first time i started reading.
i apologize for not being here lol
havent been reading much and havent been posting much reviews.

and actually, in hindsight, i think this is a good place for me to leave a reivew LOL
considering i knew everything now, and that LAST part really sort of affected the way i think.

SO! im gonna start at the beginning.
wait. before i do, im gonna commend u on ur superb writing skills again. just saying. u should publish ur own novel and i'd totally buy it haha

anyways. so what i was gonna say.
you're right. hearing everything did make me a bit more sympathetic to jo, considering last time i really hated her. and i still sorta hate her.

LOL that might not be the answer u wanted to hear from me, but i mean, i feel sympathetic towards her. i do. i totally get that she would have to give up everything if she went through with the first pregnancy. and she said she hated kids. but its sort of hypocritical, looking back at how she had alex and honestly, james's family is so bloody big. they have so much friends. its impossible for her to not have found a way to keep the baby and continue to finish school. i mean, even adoption! or something! im completely against abortion, which is why i REALLY hate the fact that she did an abortion.
and the fact that she didnt think about it. i know jo said that she said that she would have kept it if james asked and she would hate him. but i mean... she couldn't have thought about it longer? she found out, she made the potion, it took an hour, and she was done? like, thats another life!

and i dont blame james for being angry at jo for them falling apart.
if james had a ring picked out and everything, honestly, for any boy to do that, i think he'd have to be pretty damn in love with her.
thats like the ULTIMATE betrayal. jo may not have known that he had that all picked out and stuff,
but if they were together, and she knew that the both of them genuinely loved each other, then she should have known that this would be the ultimate betrayal, whether she knew that james was gonna propose or not.
which was why i still dont like her attitude about that she was disappointed at james for letting ONE of her mistake dictate his life.
which, i think it dictated only half of his life and it makes sense why he would.
if you find out that the girl you love to death that you were gonna propose to hid not only a pregnancy from you, but also that she got rid of it without even consulting you and that the entire process took an hour? i'd be pretty effed up too.

james not finding out about alex...
it was his fault but i cant blame him for that. like, i think THAT is one of those situations where you cant really blame anyone. although i still think jo could have let him know somehow within the span of 7 freaking years.

all in all, i have more sympathy towards jo but i really still sorta hate her.
LOL im not sure that you were hoping i'd get that response but i do.
maybe its partly because she got a freaking abortion, didnt tell the dad, didnt consult him, got rid of it within an hour, and didnt tell him afterwards anyways till rose accidentally dropped the bomb.
i know she feels rly guilty about the abortion which is why i have sympathy towards her
but everythign else after that... like the breakup, her attitude towards james, everything, i still sorta hate her for that.

but despite that, would it make u feel better if i told you that im sorta sad that they have yet another fight after this? after they are trying to fix stuff up? like, what the convos in the beginning and the first chapter are about?
that makes me sad D: i just want them together, even if i hate jo... i mean, james clearly loves her. she clearly does too, even if i think shes WAY misguided in her attitude about him.

and connor needs to eff off, imo.
honestly, if i were him, i'd give my support to jo because shes my sister but i wouldnt exactly hold james in any fault.
i may be bias, but i mean, he didnt really do anything wrong towards jo imo, besides getting her pregnant twice. which, it also takes two to tango.
connor may not know what james did to help save his life, but looking at it from the view of a reader, it makes connor look even more of a jerkass.

and ALEX! i dont even know if i can comment on him! Lol he sounds so cute! yet he's seriously quite far too knowledgeful for his own good.
my sister is 8 so i understand what a 7 year old kid is supposed to be like.
the way that he stands up for jo reminds me a LOT of james and the way that he'd stand up for his family no matter what. but the fact that he's still sorta cold to james makes me sad D:
he is a momma's boy, i cant deny him that lol
alex's attitude makes me confused too. i mean, alex may seem completely indifferent james but then again, you see that he really does care about having a father.
maybe its just bc he's such a momma's boy that he is cautious about getting close to james because of jo and her attitude towards james.

i dunno... i wish alex would just try to have a relationship with james and really not let the adult stuff get in the way.
because i think thats whats amazing about kids.
there may be all of this adult drama but the kids are oblivious. they want to be friends with everyone. they want to play with everyone. they want to love everyone.
the fact that alex doesnt have that makes me sad.
he may be a kid but he's completely missing the point of being a kid. the days when you have such an optimistic view of everyone.
it makes me sad that alex doesnt have that kid spirit, even if he's one hell of a boy in a good way

that makes me sad D;
personally, it always makes me sad whenever the dad and son have such a strained relationship.
if anything, all i want is for alex and james to have a good and happy father-son relationship.

Author's Response: I'm glad it made you more sympathatic. Given the tone of your other review, i kind of figured you would never be compleatly on team Jo, but at least now you don't want to chase her down with a pitchfork (maybe).

I don't see her keeping Alex as being hypocritical. I see it as her learning from her mistake and you have to keep in mind that, for years she was sure Alex was going to be the only part of James in her life.

I made the potion easy to make on purpis. I wanted it to contrast the weight of what she was doing. If it was difficult and drawn out, she would have more time to think it over. It seemed to me like what she did was out of panic. Jo's a girl of action--she saw a problume and thought she had to fix it right then instead of actually thinking it through.

I like that you still want them together even though you hate her. It makes me feel like they are well suited and not just because i said so, if that makes any since.

Conner doesn't know that James helped and honestly, I don't think it would matter too much. All he sees when he looks at James is the Jerk that broke his sister's heart. The rest of it doesn't really matter to him.

I get that you think she was compleatly wrong, but that kind of judgement lies on a spectrum. Everyone will blame her (or him) to different degrees, and i'm not just talking about readers, i'm talking about characters too. If everyone agreed compleatly either way, then they would just be cookie cutter characters and the story wouldn't be near as much fun, now would it?

And about Alex, I'm glad you mentioned that he doesn't act his age. KEEP THAT IN MIND. I can't go into too much detail, but that is a big point that i'm trying to make.

I wouldn't exactally say that their relationship is as strained as it appears. Keep in mind that the entire story so far takes place in the span of just a few days and that Alex is a smart boy. He's going to gather as much information as possible before making any judgement.

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