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Review:water_lily43175 says:
Yay Jacob! Oh my, this is EXACTLY the awkward conversation I wanted! Haha. BUT what he said, about the problem sometimes being the other person, makes me wonder if David's time with us is soon to come to an end. Because, let's face it, in any other circumstances Tanith wouldn't be with him. Because she'd be with Toby. But she wants and needs the company that David provides right now. So yeah, he's important in a sense ... but he's not Toby. And at the end of the day, Toby is the person Tanith needs to get past all her Bletchley-related problems.

AND more Dimitri. This chapter has gotten off to a perfect start. And I LOVE that Toby is finally able to open up to him. It's nice for him to talk to ANYONE about Tanith, really, but because it's Dimitri, who I love, it's even more special. And Dimitri is right. She will swoon, and they will be together FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER unless you kill one of them off first. Or both of them. With you I'm not ruling anything out.

Oh, poor DAVID. I'd not given masses of thought towards HIM, and how he was coping with all this ... but it must be very odd, not having a clue when this is all going to end, and how things will work out when it does. And I don't care what Tanith says, the minute that a chance for her and Toby to be together arises, she'll take it. I think. Or maybe she won't? Maybe she WILL stay with David? I expect she will just so you can be cruel to them some more. It's as though you don't like T/T...

Oh, of COURSE Jen is the injured one. Now Gabe can nurse her back to health and they can fall in love and be together forever, happy days! Oh, I do like happy!Gabe. Don't go thinking that because 1/4 of our intrepid foursome is happy, you can make the others' lives hell. It doesn't work that way!

All in all, a very lovey chapter. Which is good, because everyone needs a bit of love, especially in the midst of war. But I haven't forgotten everything else that's going on. Mid-April. Hmm...

Author's Response: I'll be honest: the Jacob/Tanith conversation was not in this chapter. It was written on demand! That and the original draft of the David/Tanith discussion was Not Very Good, despite my best efforts. I hadn't been happy with it, and so I rewrote chunks of that and it was buoyed up by Tanith having had a conversation with someone who WASN'T Ariane and Melanie. Even earlier plans did, really did, have Tanith sleeping with David, helping get past her Issues in a healthy and loving way. And then I sat down to write it, and it Didn't Happen. Obstacle, thy name is Tobias Grey. He has been a right thorn in the David-plot's side, because every time I try to write Tanith being happy with someone else, she thinks of her beloved speccy git and fails. One thing I would hope is that Tanith will have grown enough that if she stays with David it would be because she'd WANT to, not out of some misplaced sense of loyalty. 'cos despite it all, her relationship with David IS helping her grow up emotionally.

Dimitri is entirely right about how Tobias should handle it (because Dimitri isn't HORRIBLY EMOTIONALLY STUNTED), but he's also right to make a point at Tobias about how it's all very well and good to be honest with himself about his feelings NOW, when it's 'safe' because he doesn't have to do anything about them - but what will he do when the war's over and suddenly rejection is scarier than death? I guess we'll see.

I never would have thought that Gabe would be the one of the foursome in the most happy and healthy relationship, but it's kind of turning out that way. Clearly I'll have to do something about that, one way or another! And I will, because although this IS a very Lovey chapter, as you say, we are up to Mid-April, May 2nd is Looming, and plot threads and emotional threads need wrapping up. Next chapter is the Beginning of the End, and occurs on April 30th.

Thanks for reviewing!

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