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Review:dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap says:
First I have to say that I love reading your review responses. The little comments you make about your husband and then jabs at Severus/Avrille make me laugh. Ramble on! And don't worry about responding right away. I know my reviews tend to be extremely long sometimes.

However, that annoyance was truly rooted in sheer panic; her perfection was causing my regard for her to grow exponentially each day, leaving me, frankly, terrified.

^ Severus! He never ceases to amaze me. He can compliment her in his head and then he can just as easily try to tear her down. I'll never get over how terrified he is of feelings and I suppose women. I wonder if he has been with other women in the past? I'm sure he 'flung' a few because of 'human nature,' as he had called in a previous chapter.

If there was something about her that I hated, I could wrap myself around it and perhaps bring her down from the pillar in my mind she was occupying to her lowly place as an apprentice whose presence was severely interfering with my quest for the illusive invisibility potion.

^ See. This is what I mean. He compliments her and then tries to reject her or tear her down so she's less than what she is. A very man thing to do. I honestly don't know how he comes up with these theories though. I suppose 'love is blind' or however the saying goes. I feel like if Severus just calmed down momentarily and just accepted his feelings for Avrille he could just get on with his day without worry but he has to be dramatic about it. And they say women are worse then men!

His actions of avoiding her remind me of something teenagers would do in high school or middle school. It really does make me question again if he has had any prior relationships and I don't mean relationships that lasted a month or two. I mean a relationship that lasted at least a year and he was invested in. It seems he has this routine and he's convinced that he doesn't need anyone else. I'm wondering if this goes past his feelings for his parents and past being a Death Eater to someone else that was important in his life 'hurting' him.

the entire female student body of Hogwarts was in the grip of Avrille-fever.

^ That was just too funny. It made me laugh because it was too true. This tends to happen in real life when we see celebrities on magazines. They could be wearing...well...a meat dress and people will rush off to copy their style. I thought it was clever how Severus would be the one to notice the changes in the students. It read like it was suffocating him but then again he has 'Avrille-fever' too so for all we know he could be exaggerating since we only get his point of view on the matter.

Author's Response: Oh good! I'm glad you saw the responses. Sometimes when I respond, I wonder if anyone ever checks back to read them. I always check for responses to my reviews, but some people don't. I'm very lucky in that my husband is incredibly understanding of my Snape-obsession and writing in general. He'd never read this story in a million years, but he's still always rooting for me to work on it, along with original stuff. It's very hard to not make jabs at Severus and Avrille because they've been a part of my life for almost ten years now, so they've become pretty real in my head. I'm always thinking things like, "I wish Severus would make a potion for me!" when I had unbearable "morning" sickness, and there are times I'm dying for Avrille to baby-sit my son and rope him off of the furniture with a magic lasso or something. *sigh*

I find it really interesting that you're the first reviewer EVER to ask me if this version of Severus ever had a relationship before. Answer is yes, because canon-Severus saving himself for Lily is honorable and noble, but my Severus still being a virgin at 33 is just sad. So yes, in my head he had a fling or two in the past. I always imagined he had a brief, non-serious relationship with a hot Italian girl when he was in graduate school, maybe the daughter of the people who own the Roman equivalent of the Three Broomsticks or something where he and his school mates would go and hang out after classes. But as far as actual love, no, I don't think he would have ever felt that way before. Maybe he might have been infatuated with a woman and thought he was in love, but he wasn't really, not like how he falls in love with Avrille. I wanted his relationship with her to be very special. Blame it on my own uber romantic life where I was my husband's first girlfriend ever (we've been together since high school), and he knew he wanted to marry me before we even started dating :)

Severus is ridiculously melodramatic about these things, isn't he? But he has a good reason. You'll see in chapter 20. I really feel bad to this day about what I thought up for his past, but it was the best reason I could think of as to why such a totally awesome guy would still be single at his age (cause Snape is hot and cool and all that. In my mind.)

I'm glad you liked all the silly Avrille-fever stuff. In all honesty, it's one of my least favorite parts of the story. It seemed a bit like filler to me, but that's not to say that I don't think it's realistic as well. I figured these kids are cooped up in school for 5/6ths of the year without access to TV, movies, internet, etc, so they probably would latch on to anything that was slightly different than their boring, British school routine. I think young people especially are always interested in things different from their own culture. I've been obsessed with Japanese culture since high school, and most Japanese kids are obsessed with American culture. Go figure.

I really like the next chapter, so I hope you do as well. It's my first "swoon" moment. :) Thank you for the review! In case you're wondering why I reply so fast, I'm a closet review-stalker. I can't help it. When I'm frustrated with all the day-to-day stay at home mom stuff, taking five seconds to check on my stories is something to look forward to, at least until I'm able to start writing again, next week or so. Yup. That's my life. :D ~Renny

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