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Review:Slide says:
Time for a cheeky fanfic break at work! (my job tends to either be crazy busy or, once I'm done being crazy busy, crazy empty, with nothing in between. 'Crazy empty' is, indeed, known as 'fanfic time', just usually WRITING!) Forgot to say I love the music introductions. More fanfic needs more music. Though with the opening line maybe this one should have had some Boomtown Rats...!

Yeah, Araminta might be cranky, but I think I'd be cranky at anyone who called me 'Minty'. But ha! She's already getting instinctively possessive! Yes, yes, feed the oh-so-healthy reactions. If there weren't such an undercurrent of angst, the "trying to find out of he's single without giving anything away" dance would have been more adorable. It's more sort of GrimDark Adorable instead.

Their rapport is proving lovely, though - because this is two people who are clicking right away and it's not being love at first sight, it's being downright caustic. They GET (to a certain extent) each other right away, which in practice means they're able to cut right to the heart of things with an essential stranger, which is obviously going to be off-putting and upsetting for a private person! And though they can figure each other out well enough to poke each other in the right way, they don't know each other well enough to handle the emotional delicacies properly. And that's even setting aside all the HORRIBLE ANGST (tasty, tasty angst).

Poor Gid. It's nice to see him with friendships like Marlene, but even aside from the war-torn strife, that's got to be difficult, being the only single man when everyone from his life is settled or settling down. Even if he's a much beloved friend it DOES make it difficult to continue to relate and be relevant to the people in your life. I think that's something I'm particularly starting to enjoy - not just how War makes life hard, but how war makes tough things tougher - the everyday little issues don't go away, and often people try to ignore them because they're not Life or Death, but they're still there, and, yes. Like it.

Yaaay Sirius. And boy, does Araminta have some anger issues. This is why I do basically suspect she is NOT Ominous Present Tense Girl - lashing out at people is not the best tactic in the world if you want to fly under the radar, so if it IS her, then there's more going on than can immediately be guessed at. Even if it's that she's just being blackmailed and is too HORRIBLY DAMAGED to be James Bond - but that's a near-suicidal kind of mentality, and... well, I look forward to that being unravelled if that's the case! Yes, chewy, chewy mystery. Why do I find myself comparing fic to food?

Author's Response: I like the sound of 'crazy empty' time, long may it continue. :) Well now I feel stupid. I totally missed a trick there, didn't I? The PERFECT song choice! Yeah, this fic was inspired by several songs. And when I say 'inspired', I mean the entire thing was born thanks to inspiration that the songs gave me. And so there are a lot of songs which relate to it, and I decided to do the intro and chapter title thing. And some songs fit so well it's as though they were written for this story, which is pretty neat.

To be fair, there aren't many ways to shorten "Araminta", which is a mouthful of a name, so you can't blame Gideon for trying - except it's partly just another way to annoy her, which is naughty of him. And, yeah, you've pretty much just described Gideon and Araminta's 'relationship', for want of a better word, better than I could have done, and I'm the author. Which is scary. But it gives me a lot of satisfaction at the same time, naturally. Gideon has it seriously tough, because he doesn't feel like he has anyone to turn to, because everyone else is loved up, and so he's struggling with war anyway, but has these added feelings of loneliness because he feels like he has no one. Which is part of why he riles up Araminta so much - he craves the attention, and because she's not interested in friendship, the only way he can get the attention is by annoying her. THEY'RE BOTH SO HOPELESS.

The trouble with Araminta is she's not used to human interaction. She was home-schooled and most, if not all, of her peers were at Hogwarts, so she's not had masses of exposure to people, and so when it comes to simple friendly chat at work, she hasn't got a clue. Bless her. But yes, anger issues galore, and issues of other types galore too...

Maybe you're hungry?

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