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Review:Slide says:
I was holding off on reading this before I could Sit Down and Properly Read It. Then it's, like, a week or more later and I STILL haven't had time to do a Proper Sitting, so buggerit, I'll read it when I have time to read and review A Chapter and do it bit by bit if I must!

Yay! First War goodness. Yay! Auror-y goodness (ha, we've made roughly similar departures from canon in terms of 'apprenticeship' schemes for training up Aurors more quickly than the three-year period in times of war). I get the feeling Gideon is going to be a handful. Off-beat sense of humour to keep all of those pesky emotional issues at bay? I may be an instant fan. And I'm a sucker for UST, so it looks like we're off to a good start with throwing him in with Araminta. Wow, she's pretty hostile, isn't she? Then again, bad nicknames and being called 'feisty' would be guaranteed to get my goat. It's easy to see her as being more unpleasant here just because we're in Gideon's head; it's quite fun to read it while thoroughly thinking about how HE must appear to HER and suddenly everything (except for him) becomes more reasonable! I look forward to going through how things develop between these two, there's an engaging dynamic already emerging.

Hmm, familiar faces. Now I'm trying to remember how many of these guys are confirmed to DIE HORRIBLY during the war. Our illustrious Prewetts are doomed, as are the McKinnons, I recall. For some reason there's something satisfying about reading a story like this KNOWING it's going to end in tears. There's something wrong with me. It's nice to see the First War generation on a social basis; everything usually focuses on the Marauders, but I think what pleases me most is seeing Lily having genuine friendships with people who aren't Marauders/Snape/don't know her predominantly through James. I have a real soft spot for Lily and even if she's a side character here I like seeing her as a character in her own right (who isn't just there for SnapeAngst).

All that, this has been a strong introduction chapter. We get a good view of Gideon from several angles, professional and personal, and then we get smacked right at the end with his Inner Angst. After him being chirpy and friendly, or at least jocular, for the chapter, it makes a nice demonstration of the masks he's putting on for the sake of the public eye. And now I must know what is the source of his Manly Torment! Oh well, maybe I can get another chapter in before the end of work...

Author's Response: Whoa more reviews! Excitement! Haha :)

Yup, there is some IMMENSE tension between Gideon and Araminta right from the start. Which is probably all Gideon's fault because he doesn't leave Araminta alone when she wants to be, but then she's quite rude to him as well so IT'S ALL FUN. Some chapters come from Araminta's perspective so you'll get a nice mix of points of view there :) But Gideon is a fairly easy-going, means-no-harm-to-anyone kind of character generally, it's just that the war's affected him quite a bit and Araminta does his nut in right from the start. He doesn't have it easy. Because I'm downright cruel like that. He indeed has lots of angsty feelings going on, which is why he's the way he is, bless him.

Heh, yeah, basically EVERYONE DIES. Which makes it easy in a way for me because I don't have to work out who I'm killing off and why. But no, things will not end well on the whole.

I'm glad you think the chapter's good. I wrote the first seven or so over a year ago, and reading them back now I worry that they may be a bit weak, but I'm loath to rewrite them... But yeah, in terms of how Gideon's portrayed I like how this one worked out, because, as you say, it shows how he puts on this front and pretends he's okay but actually isn't at all. Bless him.

I'm slightly amused that you seem to be reading in work hours. Are they your designated fanfic hours or something? Haha.

And lastly, I was gonna say this in the next review I left you, but here will do fine. I have family who hail from Burnley BAD CHOICE. Haha. Na, I've never been there or anything, you're fine, I just found it amusing that of all the places to pick...

Thanks for reviewing!

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