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Review:dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap says:
The afternoon sunlight shone through the western windows brilliantly, bringing my thoughts back to the situation at hand as it reflected sparkling rays off of the numerous Dark detectors and other instruments the headmaster had on display around the room.

^ I swoon at your description. Your writing just doesn't disappoint. When I read 'shone through the western windows brilliantly' I had to squint my eyes because I was sure sun was going to start shining through my windows.

Of course it's almost nine at night where I am but your writing seems to jump to life in my bedroom.

"--Turn her house inside out?!" I exclaimed. "What exactly does that mean?"

Loved this reaction. Severus's thoughts are so interesting. They're very collected. He tends to analyze everything, the room, the people, the files that he's given and this moment seemed to me that he lost 'himself' for a second because he was genuinely shocked, shows that he does have some weaknesses.

Oh! And I love your Dumbledore. You write his playfulness in so well and this was also a time where the danger wasnít at an extreme high so he has a little extra spark inside of him that I love.

Uncontrollably an image of Neville Longbottom with pigtails popped into my mind.

^ Oh Severus, you silly man!

Avrille sounds like quite the witch. I wonder if it was just her father's death that affected her because it sounds like Dumbledore was alluding to something else, maybe something that isn't known by any of them or Avrille herself because she doesn't think about that 'time.' It'll be interesting to see if Severus could uncover it or help her restore the power that she had. Is it possible she suppresses some of her magic, for the sole reason that she wouldn't want anyone to come after her again? I donít have a few theories but nothing concrete yet.

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you! I get so happy when I read reviews like yours because you hit so many nails on the head with what I was trying to portray that it really lets me know that I accomplished what I was going for. Severus is definitely incredibly analytical and very reserved. Maybe more reserved with his speech than his thoughts, since I think he's so focused on always portraying the correct image to whoever he's talking to with his history of being a spy. Sometimes he has little things like that slip out when he is truly taken by surprise (or taken with a lady, but you'll see of course :D)

"maybe something that isn't known by any of them or Avrille herself because she doesn't think about that 'time.'" You're VERY close with those thoughts! Of course it will take a long time for any of them to figure out what's going on, but rest assured they do in the end. I never thought about your theory of suppressing her powers to protect herself from another attack. That's incredibly interesting... but not the reason ;) I think that probably wouldn't have worked because at the time her father died, she didn't know it was because those men were trying to get at her. She probably found that out when she was older. But it's still a great thought you had! The only thing I didn't address in this story is why she had such strong powers to begin with (because I was incredibly lame at the time and couldn't think of a good reason...) but that's something I'll be answering in the sequel.

Thank you again a bajillion times over for your reviews, D.D.D.D.C. :) I'm all nervous now hoping you'll like the rest of it. Take care! ~Renny

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