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Review:water_lily43175 says:
I love your timing. NEW CHAPTER YAY.

Mmm, Jennifer is now referred to as such in Gabe's narrative... and I also like that he refers to Wilson and McLaggen by first names to her as well. Ooh, and here we go, he's called her Jen out loud. Yays for Gabe/Jen times! And I honestly love how I was there thinking the EXACT same thing as Jennifer about how Gabe was referring to them all, and then she said it after I'd typed it. I just had to double-check this, because I was going to say it and then thought, did he actually refer to the Lions in general in his head by first name, or just to Jennifer? But he did, as my check has confirmed. So to me, it's like ... he's growing more familiar with them, at least. It's like he's feeling a bit more like he belongs with them. Mind, it's probably because of the whole Jennifer thing, but even so. And so I'm now wanting THEM to trust HIM, and trust him PROPERLY, and not go along with it because Jennifer says so but to trust him in their own right. Because it's the least he deserves, and I think he just wants to feel accepted sometimes, even if he doesn't let on so.

Ah, I was wondering if Gabe had seen that Tanith had killed Wilson. Trouble is, it only occurred to me AFTER I'd submitted the review last chapter, and you can't leave more than one review, so I couldn't mention it.

There's something incredibly touching about Gabe being so soothing and comforting to Jennifer. Because he's not really done that before. He's been a friend of sorts to Cal, and Tanith, and Tobias, but he doesn't DO the whole emotion thing ... so the fact that he's here now, with Jennifer ... yeah. She is A Good Thing for him. "And I would follow you to the ends of the Earth if you ordered me to - and if you asked me to stay, for anything, for the cause or just for you, then Fiendfyre couldn't drive me away." THIS IS BETTER THEN "I KNOW YOU'RE TANITH JUST BY THE WAY YOU SAY MY NAME". So so beautiful. Who knew Gabe was capable of saying such things? It's the Jennifer Effect.

Was that night, the night that Tanith thinks about in the Slytherin common room, Jeremy night?

I love that she's FINALLY caved in and opened up and let all her emotion out! She's kept it all locked in for far too long. This is why David is good for her. Although I hope he doesn't decide he's bitten off more than he could chew, and ditch her. That would be SO cruel.

Just an aside, I hope you realise you've started a pattern here of killing off the unwanted corner of a love triangle? It's making me seriously worry about David's wellbeing...

Author's Response: Yus, this is the point where the narrative, and Gabe's own words, change for first names. I did originally have her calling her 'Jen' for the first time when they spoke in the alleyway after Nick's family were killed, but I thought it worked more if I got it all done in one fell swoop in this chapter. Because it is about him getting closer to the Lions as a whole, and trying to be closer, as he admits he wants to be. Even if he's not good at it.

I like the idea of Gabe as being someone who's pretty good with his feelings and his words when he gets the chance to be (versus Tanith, who locks it up and then messes it up). He just doesn't let it out very often, because he doesn't need to. In his case, the tight control of his feelings comes with a good dose of self-awareness (again, compared to Tanith, who controls her feelings because she's less good at handling them).

That and I AM also a sap at the idea of love being able to inspire even someone like Gabe to be a bit more poetic. I think that it's so unusual from him helps - Tobias being able to spin a pretty phrase is rather less surprising. But a spontaneous outburst of affection from Gabe is more 'honest'.

Yep, that night Tanith thinks about was the 'Jeremy night'. She's being a bit melodramatic and self-pitying, but I guess she DID immediately after that fuss about Tobias, then Tobias-and-Annie, then DEAD Annie and the rest is history. That was the last night she was just a regular teenage girl without even any regular teenage angst. David IS good for her. She can feel things and not explode. It's an important lesson for her to learn.

I DO have a habit of murdering the hypotenuse, don't I? I try to not use it too often, as a rule. It's often so CONVENIENT. Though I guess there was nothing convenient about Annie's death, especially.

Thanks for reviewing!

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